Saturday, July 26, 2014

My First Baby Checklist

5 more weeks and my baby will be considered  "full term". Time is really flying and I can't believe I have 1 Mth + left! I really am looking forward to carrying baby boy in my arms. Being a first time mommy, I was really clueless on what to get so I did a lot of homework and finally after a month, I have already bought all the stuff needed to welcome him home!

If you are expecting your first baby, below is a list of the important stuff you will need! You should have all the stuff mentioned by Week 36 of your pregnancy! It'll be good to start shopping once you know your baby's gender (at approx Week 20) so you can take your time to read reviews and choose the best item for your baby.

Newborn Baby Checklist 

Total amount spent:

When I was doing the calculation, I was shocked at the amount. Of course, not everyone would buy all the stuff I mentioned above but most new parents who can afford to would do so I guess? Did not expect it to be so much! Some of the items were sponsored/gifted so I actually spent lesser than the amount stated. It'll be good idea to have a baby shower before the arrival of your baby so you can ask your close friends/family to get you some necessities so you can save a lil! Hehe.

My classes start soon and I am really looking forward to learning how to handle a baby. Let me be really honest here and tell you guys I have never really carried a baby before nor changed a baby's diaper so I really need to learn! The classes would be so helpful in getting me prepared for the baby and once I'm all good, I don't think I'll feel so "scared" already. :)

You can save the image in your phone so when you do your baby shopping it'll be easier!

Have fun shopping!