Thursday, July 24, 2014

Week #32

Week 32
Current Weight: 66kg
Started At: 51kg
Total Weight Gained: 15kg

No weight gained this week! Trying my very very very best to stay active and eat clean so I don't gain too much more since I have hit 15kg which is the ideal weight for full term pregnancy weight gain for my height.

I miss getting a good night's sleep. It is impossible to go a night without getting up to pee once every 2 hours! Im peeing for 2 now I guess. Then when I get back to bed, I'll have difficulty falling back to sleep. I can't really toss and turn anymore. Oh gosh I miss the feeling!!! It's kinda torturous not being able to sleep well :( my days are pretty much ruined because I'm always grumpy and tired due to the lack of sleep.

Now that my belly is bigger. I can't seem to finish my food nowadays cus I feel so bloated so easily. So I split my meals and have small portions every few hours so I can sufficient calories a day. 
Keep worrying i'm never gonna look good and feel as confident as before. I've been fine the past few weeks but this week I am just so easily depressed and upset?! :( I keep on comparing my pregnancy face and my pre-pregnancy face, which I know is stupid to do because no one looks better fat? My self esteem has been so so so low this week. I hate my nose I hate my nose I hate my nose!!! Pregnancy has made my nose SUPER bulbous. It's bigger than I can ever imagine. Seems to be getting bigger as my due date gets closer. Face is also getting fatter and fatter. :( Fats I removed on my face are back because I've gained a massive amount of weight so I kinda went through the recovery process for fat removal surgery previously for nothing. :(

Did you experience a bulbous nose during pregnancy too? How long did it take to go down? According to my friend's sister, hers slowly went down as she lost the baby weight. that Im done complaining. THE GOOD STUFF!

I got to see baby during a scan today and baby's head is down already. :) I knew it last week cus I could see my belly getting lower. My baby is now 2kg! Very healthy weight for a 32 week baby. Hmm 2kg is around Hiro's weight? Hehe. So happy he is growing well. Couldn't see his face during this week's scan though cus he kept hiding his face. I asked the doctor to arrange a 4D scan for me but he said no point if baby isn't facing the right way.... :( we'll see if baby's position is ok for a 4D scan during the next appointment which is in 2 weeks time!

My stretch marks at the side of my hips and at the bottom of my belly are out. Now I have stretch marks on my butt (VERY bad on my butt cheeks), upper thighs, hips, bottom of belly and boobs. So sad!! I've been applying the Clarins oil & Bio Oil (both highly recommended oil for prevention of stretch marks) twice a day everyday since the 2nd trimester but the stretch marks still appear?! Hope it doesn't worsen leh....Maybe I should apply every 3-4 hours kiasu!