Wednesday, July 9, 2014

New Arrivals

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So a lot of people have been asking me how i'm gonna manage the shop since i used to do it all on my own before my pregnancy. Well, i've handled it to a very, very trustworthy team who will be doing most of the stuff from picking out the designs to shooting the products and handling the logistics. I will still be doing all the styling because it doesn't really take up much of my energy (pregnant me is always so tired!) and hopefully i'll be able to do the modeling real soon....when i get my body back which is probably in Nov (it'll be a miracle if i can start modeling in October). Really looking forward to that! I miss being the face of Ohsofickle. 

With a more professional team behind Ohsofickle, i'm sure everything would run smoothly and even better than when i manage it as managing it single handedly (actually, with the help of my step dad - which was still hectic and crazy). Also, with a more professional team handling it, i don't have to face so much stress which will be good for me and baby. With a stronger team behind the web store, i do hope it can grow bigger and better! 

I actually had thoughts of totally giving up the store as i faced a huge amount of stress in the past few months. Nobody really knows how much stress i was facing. It got so bad to a point i just wanted to shut it down. Because of sickness (and also pregnancy, means i can't travel to carry stocks on my own either), i couldn't travel since Dec and it was CRAY. Everything just spiral-ed down from there. As much as i wanted to pick out plenty of chio stuff to sell, i couldn't. I've had soooo many emails and comments from customers and oh how i wish i could fulfill all their requests to bring in stuff they liked. Now...those days are over and I don't have to struggle anymore with a new team behind OSF. I can still see the OSF brand around and wear OSF stuff! A brand i've build on my own. :) I've also fully recovered from my sickness, and have been given the green light to travel last month so yay to that. Have been through soooo much with OSF and i really can't bear to see all my effort go to waste if i don't put in my all so now, im really thankful for the new team and i hope ya'll will continue shopping at OSF! Feel free to email the stuff you wish to see and i'm sure they'd bring it if they can!