Thursday, July 10, 2014

Week #30

Good Morning! Having a healthy breakfast as i write my Week 30 Pregnancy Update! :)

Baby Bump at Week 30
Looking glowy because i just came back from 30 min of brisk walking. :)

Week 30
Current Weight: 65kg
Started At: 51kg
Total Weight Gained: 14kg

Oooh this week I craved something i hardly crave for. FRESH MILK. I have always loved milky stuff (soya milk, milk tea, ice cream...) however, I am not a huge fan of fresh milk itself. This week's interesting though! Everyday I just look forward to have a glass of ice cold fresh milk. Oh and I had a lot of lychees and strawberries this week but I don't think it's a craving la...I saw it on sale and bought a lot home so yeah haha.

Also had a lot of steamboat and Korean BBQ which means I had a lot of BEEEEEEF. Yums!

Belly is so huge now hiding the bump is almost impossible. I seem to have a bubble around me because no one bumps into me anymore! It's like people are ultra careful around me and always give way to me. That day at the supermarket, I was carrying a basket full of stuff and an old lady walked to me and started scolding me telling me how dangerous it is for me to be pregnant and doing grocery shopping. I had to get some fruits for the house and juice and I'm pretty sure I didn't overload because the basket wasn't even heavy to me but she insisted if was too heavy for a pregnant lady! Then she followed me to the cashier to pay, quickly pick up the plastic bags and asked to follow me to my car to help me load up. SHE DIDNT ALLOW ME TO CARRY ANYTHING! Wow her daughter/in law must be sooo spoilt with her around! I felt TERRIBLE leh!!! But she kept insisting and snatching the plastic bag from my hands. Super touched and grateful for her help and concern though :')

Oh yes I can't wait to book a waxing appointment soon! I used to go to get my waxing done at Waxing salons (is that what it's called? Haha) but I've been so lazy to go for appointments so I bought a waxing kit for home to clean myself up. However my belly is so huge now it's kinda difficult to do it on my own. Especially down there. Lol. So yes, it is one of the many things i faced during pregnancy that no one has told me about. 

Bending to tie my shoe lace or buckle my shoes can get pretty difficult too! Slippers are awesome! Never wore my slippers so much before.

Have a few maternity photoshoots planned in July & August already! Super looking forward to it :) if you have any interesting ideas for a maternity photo shoot you think id like, share it with me by dropping me a comment! :) 

Oh and if your wondering if I've thought of a name for my baby boy, yes I have! I think I've more or less decided on the name already :) I like alliterative names meaning the First Name and Last Name begins with the same letter, something like my name la haha. My baby should be taking his Daddy's surname which begins with E. Guess away! :)