Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Week #33 + Pregnancy E Cards

Lovin the pregnancy e true! Haha.

Week 33
Current Weight: 66.5kg
Started At: 51kg
Total Weight Gained: 15.5kg

I'm going to gain weight quite a bit by the end of this week because my appetite is CRAZY. I keep eating and sleeping! Last week I felt bloated and couldn't really eat as much but this week is kinda different though!! Feel like my stomach has more space and I'm always feeling hungry.

Baby is moving lower and my pelvic area hurts. Most days I feel so sore down there. It's almost similar to the soreness you get when you sit on a bicycle and cycle for long hours (do most ppl feel that soreness or is it just me). Also, he has also been kicking my rib cage area on my right so much and it is really painful. He usually kicks a lot when I'm in bed at night so I usually sleep on my left to ease the pain. But say when I'm out and he kicks the same area, i don't know what to do to help take the pain away :'( most of the time I just want to lie down because sitting up and walking is super tiring and uncomfortable. PREGNANCY IS HARD. I had a rather easy 1st & 2nd Trimester and time passed rather quickly but the 3rd Trimester ain't anything like it. All the things people complained about, I'm getting em all now. 

BREAD AND MILO! AND....COCA COLA. Been drinking a can of coke everyday, I've never been so addicted to coke...I wish I didn't have to stop at 1 can. Old people have been telling me it's bad but I really really crave for it everyday and when I asked my doc he said it's totally fine so... listen to my doc lah.

I think I have PUPPP??? My belly is itching LIKE CRAZY. It is so unbearable!!! The only thing which helps relief the itch is when I place a packet of frozen veg on my tummy. Everything else worsens it. My bio oil and Clarins seem to make it more itchy. I don't want to stop the oil because my stretchmarks keep getting worse! But the itch is driving me nuts!!! It is really the worse week  for me. 

Where can I find Grandpa Pine Tar Soap in SG?? Or anyone knows any remedy?

Oh and my stretchmarks HAVE WORSENED! Nothing is working!!! :'( WHHHHHYYYY!!!

Oh!!! This morning I was PISSED OFF!!! I've never felt this angry in quite awhile?! I HATE RUDE PEOPLE.

So I brought my dog Hiro out for his morning walk and when we were done and waiting at the lift lobby, I decided to carry him up. The lift door opened and out came a girl, together with her angmoh bf. The girl looked at hiro in the eye and her reaction was totally uncalled for?!

She went...


SERIOUSLY RUDE WOMAN. Eww yourself. Keep it to yourself la?? I don't expect everyone to love dogs but doing that to my dog & I early in the morning was just so unpleasant.
It is not like my dog did anything like lick her or what? I was carrying him in my arms there's no way he can do anything to her? 

Reminds me how much love I have for my little hiro and oh how much would I love you Baby E!!!

I hope i never have to see her ever!!! No wait, i hope she doesnt even live in the same block man.