Friday, August 8, 2014

Belly Painting Maternity Photoshoot

A few days ago, i did another super creative and cute maternity photoshoot.

Thinking of a way to announce your pregnancy or baby's gender? Try doing it with Belly Painting!

Many pregnant women feel insecure about their growing and changing body and the stretchmarks, so many end up not doing a maternity shoot. However, belly painting can hide all of that and make it all better! :)

And a few posts back i mentioned my baby's name starts with the letter E right?

Are you ready for my baby's name reveal???



I really liked the name Ethan too but it's pretty common cus i know quite a number of Ethans. I think the name Elroy aint as common so yup! :) Yay my baby can have an alliterative name too hehe.

This shoot wouldnt have been possible without Melvin and Amanda! THANK YOU AWESOME PEOPLE!!!

Melvin is the man behind Multifolds, am sure many of you have seen his impressive Lovescapade pictures everywhere! He is really funny and down to earth. Super easy to work with!

View his amazing works at

Photographer Contact:

Belly Painting done by Amanda. She also specialises in face painting, full body fashion painting and UV neon body/face painting for events and parties! Do make reservations early due to many bookings on weekends.

Check out her works on Instagram at

Belly Painter Contact:
Amanda 8189 8938

Ending this post with some pictures of Hiro hehe