Sunday, August 24, 2014


I hate how my mind works sometimes. Sometimes things aren't as serious and bad as it really is but my mind just chooses to complicate the situation. Now I'm put in an awkward position but I don't know if it's REALLY an awkward position or if I'm thinking too much. May this phase be over soon.

On a side note, I'm thankful for the company of those friends who worry I get lonely during this "waiting" period. I can't do much and go out as much so my days can get really boring if no one visits or go for a meal with me nearby. It is also such an eye opener and a shocker to see the friends whom I thought would stay close but ended up drifting away. And those whom I thought wouldn't care, cared so much more. The time I need the company most is the time they just don't give two fucks anymore. You know, it won't hurt to just drop a short message? But yknow's ok, I keep telling myself if I don't matter, then you shall not matter to me too. Just don't categorize me as a "very important friend" if I'm not important. It's pretty stupid giving someone a "title" when you don't mean it. 

Baby E should be here in around 2 weeks time? I am so looking forward to it! I look forward to a noisier and more crowded house hehe. Life is going to be so different! And may it be filled with much more happiness :)