Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Week 37

Im 37 weeks preggers and I feel MISERABLE! Well, the good thing is that I am considered Full Term already so...ANYTIME NOW!

I have had a pretty smooth pregnancy but in the last few weeks, all the horrible things are happening to me. I've been having massages soooo frequently because of my aching back. It does help for 1-2 hours then it'll ache again. Some days I go to sleep crying because I feel so uncomfortable. :( it's like the last part of pregnancy is really the worse!!!

Since I'm full term now, from this week onwards, I've to see my ob/gyn every week to check on my progress. I really hope I'll give birth soon so all this discomfort would end. Next week would be great!! But I'm young and this is my first baby, so it's more likely for me to give birth at 40 weeks? Then again it's different for everyone. My mum gave birth to me at 36/37 weeks so I'm wondering if I would give birth early! It's scary though! Really wonder how painful the contractions are?? People tell me that it feels like intense menses cramps but I'm not one who feels cramps during my period so I'm not really sure how that would feel. I also have heard so many different labour stories this few weeks. Wonder how mine would be like!

Felt a weird vibration on my belly one evening when I was lying down watching tv. Thought my baby was having fits or something in my belly (ya I'm damn paranoid)!?! I got worried and googled and a lot of people said it's just my baby stretching and it's normal. Like sometimes when we stretch we'd quiver?Such a weird feeling though, really like a vibrating phone in my belly. Lol.

Week 37
Current Weight: 68kg
Started At: 51kg
Total Weight Gained: 17kg

Ok it's mad!!! I didn't expect myself to gain so much during my pregnancy man haha. Actually, I have been eating the same amt before I got pregnant but the reason why I gained so much is because I have stopped exercising as much. And I guess during pregnancy my body also chooses to store more fats. Shows how effective my pre-pregnancy work outs are in keeping me from and fit! Can't wait to resume!!! I miss my 10km jogs!!!

Have been having diarrhea since last night. Been in and out of the toilet all night and now I'm feeling so shitty. Must be last night's dinner at Haidilao. Oh did I mention how often I've been going to HDL?! It's crazy! I go at least twice a week! Been 2 months already. Haha. Anyway, seeing the ob/gyn in a bit. Read so many stories that diarrhea could be a sign of labour? Hmm.... We'll see! I highly doubt so for my case though...could be an unfortunate case of eating undercooked pork (but also don't think so leh cus i am very careful and always cook my meat super long during steamboats).