Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Week #35

So...Fann Wong has already given birth! I was scrolling through Instagram on National Day and when I saw the post I jumped because it was a big reminder that it is gonna be my turn soon. I remember the day the couple made the announcement of their pregnancy and I was so happy because wow, my fav local actress and I are preggers at the same time! Haha. And since then, I rly looked forward to her updates cus our dates are pretty close.

Week 35
Current Weight: 66.5kg
Started At: 51kg
Total Weight Gained: 15.5kg

Only 2 more weeks to a full term baby! My baby measured around 2.8kg last week and this week I'm guessing he is 3kg already since babies gain 1lb a week in the last few weeks! My gynae said he is growing well and he is quite big for an asian baby! I'm curious, what's the average weight of babies born in Singapore?

This week my fridge is loaded with tons of fruits and milk! Greenfields milk to be exact. The chocolate malt milk is super Yums! My whole kitchen is filled with food! Super happy because everytime I wake up there's a variety of food to choose from hehe. Thank you baby girl, Freda for surprising me one day with so much groceries! Super duper thoughtful and caring of her, can't find words to describe how happy I feel to have her in my life. :')

I really don't know what to do the next few weeks. I have finished 3 books in a week. I don't even read books in the past....this shows I really have nothing to do. Got outdoor furniture for the balcony so i usually sit in the balcony to read (from my ebook) and get some fresh air. I'm so huge I don't wanna go out. My down there hurts a lot when I walk. Can't walk more than 15 min without hurting. :( Backaches are terrible!!! Sitting, standing or walking for around 10 min will trigger it. My doc said my bump looks kinda small even though my baby is huge. That's weird? Haha. I can't imagine a bigger bump on me....wait, imagine if i had twins?! O m g.

My sleeps at night are terrible because every night I sleep for 2 hours only. I sleep at 12am, wake up at 2am and have difficulty falling back to sleep till 7am. My body clock is super duper screwed. I don't know when I can ever get a good sleep because after giving birth, it's not possible anymore, I gotta wake up at weird timings to feed my baby. :( I've tried so many different ways to get myself to sleep at night, like not taking afternoon naps and going for walks to make myself tired but none seems to work. Did you experience the same thing during pregnancy? What helped you sleep better?