Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Grab Bag

The response was so overwhelming!
Thank you all for helping me clear all my pre pregnancy clothes and old osf stocks!! :)

My mom was asking me what i wanna do with my 10 boxes of stuff at my parent's home which are filled with my pre-pregnancy clothes and some old ohsofickle stuff (management team has changed so i still have leftovers from boutique, old office, studio...etc). I don't think i'll actually open them up and shift it over because there's just tooooooo much! Most of my stuff are worn only once, or brand new. Stuff i always wear are my staple pieces/basics so i wont clear those. Most only worn once for a few hours to snap picx for advertorials. I'm quite a hoarder and a shopaholic and I find it hard to throw stuff away even if i no longer like it.

I finally decided to do a GRAB BAG SALE.

For $12, i'll throw in 2 items (2 apparels)! I promise you'll receive only clothes in brand new/super good condition. 

(Edited due to overwhelming response! Was not easy packing 3 items into 1 bag and postage was pretty expensive so I have to decrease number of pieces in a grab bag now to cover postage, sorry! Only grab bags paid for before 13 aug, 9am have 3 items.)

My clothes mostly fit UK6-8 so do let me know your UK size.

If you wish to surprise yourself, place an order now! 

Do email in the following format:
Mailing Add:
UK Size: 6 or 8
Number of Grab Bags: 1/2

I will drop you an email on how to proceed with the transaction. :)

No pictures of what i have because it's all boxed up but you can just scroll through my entire blog/instagram and see what kinda clothes i've worn before etc. Won't send ya'll hideous stuff, don't worry!

I hope to clear as much as possible otherwise it's all going to the salvation army as my mother can't stand the sight of the boxes at home any longer.