Saturday, September 20, 2014

Baby Elroy: Birth Story

Welcome to the world, Little One! Finally, the wait is over!!! No more kicking inside more giant more nights I wake up to pee over 10 times...I am SO IN LOVE WITH HIM. I am so obsessed I cannot stop staring at him. The day he was born, i requested he sleep in my room with me so I could stare at him. And I did....I just couldn't take my eyes off him!

If you don't already know, Baby Elroy was born on 19/09, weighing 3.46kg & 51cm length.

He was born via C-Section. The initial plan was to deliver him vaginally but I was feeling extreme discomfort and pain in my pelvic region for weeks. It was driving me mad. Since Week 36, I've been feeling the pain and it has been getting worser and worser at days go by. It was making me feel extremely miserable and depressed because i just couldn't do anything. I don't deal so well with the whole "depressed" feeling which explains why at 40 weeks I decided to opt for an elective c-section although many (including Dr Paul) discouraged me from doing so. The decision for Caesarean Section was made less than 48 hours before.

Went to Thomson Medical Centre at midnight to check in. We went at midnight because my bf wanted to be deliver the baby at an "auspicious timing". Time passed so quickly at the hospital. Was busy w paper work and etc. Before I know it, I was wheeled into the operating theatre. I chose to do epidural C-Section meaning only half my body is numb so I can see my baby the moment he is out. My body had such a bad reaction to the epidural it scared me!! The moment the epidural kicked in, I held the metal bar at the side of the bed to keep still. I couldn't breathe, I felt so weird...I felt like I was going to...die. The doctor asked how I felt and I was just shaking like mad?Seriously, I was so scared but I thank God for Angelyn & my mom's support. My mom and Angelyn entered the operating theatre with me. Angelyn is my Doula from ParentLink. She has been extremely wonderful helping me throughout this whole pregnancy. If you do need a Doula, feel free to contact Angelyn for more details +65 9008 6556. Many would think my bf would be the one entering with me but due to it being "inauspicious" according to a FS master, we arranged for a doula to enter to give me the support I needed. 

It's not true when they say you can't feel anything because I could feel the tugging and all? I can't describe it though. It was not painful but painful...? Especially at one point where they part they pressed my tummy super hard. Good thing is, your baby will be out in 10-15 min from the time the Surgery begins. And then your doctor will take another 30-45 min to stitch you up and clean up. Once the baby is out, you'll be so distracted that the 30-45 min where he is stitching you up will pass by so fast. 

So that was easy. Right? But sadly, there ain't a painless way of giving birth. You'll suffer someway, somehow.

The first night I couldn't move at all and was bedridden. I felt great though. No pain or whatsoever. However 18 hours after my surgery I was made to get outta bed to start walking. So I did and that was when I realised how DAMN EFFING PAINFUL it was. When I asked someone who went thru both vaginal and c section deliveries, they said the vaginal one was sooo much easier and I finally understand why.

No regrets though! It really doesn't matter what method you choose to deliver your baby. It is a personal choice and there are pros & cons to all the different birthing methods. I am super happy he is very healthy. All the nurses who came to see him at diff shifts all go "wow he is so big and healthy!". :) 

I'm recovering slowly but the pain is worth it whenever I look at how beautiful he is. I think he looks like a clone of his daddy! Seeing daddy hold and kiss Baby Elroy is such a cute sight because they look so alike it's crazy adorable! Some said the bottom half of his face looks exactly like me though? Hehe.

He has been a pretty good baby in the hospital and the nurses love him! He is pretty quiet and easy to handle So far. Most babies are quite well behaved in the hospital things might change when he goes home. I hope not!! I have another 2 more nights here at the hospital. Man, c section recovery is much longer so my stay here is longer. I am extending another night because the confinement nanny can only come on Tueaday. I'm breastfeeding him and wow, it ain't easy! I've to feed him every 2-3 hours which means I'm extremely sleep deprived. It feels amazing to be able to sleep 3 hours straight...I just did that and it felt so good like I slept a whole 10 hours? This is gonna be my life for the next few months! I can do this. Good luck to me.

Welcome to My Life as a New Mom!

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Can't wait to share all the cute pictures of him on this blog!!