Monday, September 22, 2014

Bye Hospital!

Day 3 of being a Mom

Baby is in the nursery now because i wanted to get a good 3 hour sleep just now. Which I did and am so so glad. I feel energetic now! Getting 3 hours of sleep for new moms is like getting 8 hours of sleep for normal people. My eye bags are surely going to get worse and my complexion too. :'( 

It is 7am now...3 more hours to Check Out!

Today we head back home from the hospital. Which I kept calling a Hotel. LOL. That goes to show how much I enjoyed my stay at Thomson Medical Centre. My room is the Premier Suite (Newton). Im not sure if it's as comfy and awesome in the other rooms but my experience with the nurses sure was wonderful. 

I really enjoyed the food! Very very yummy. I was never hungry cus they served me Breakfast, Lunch, Tea Break, Dinner, Supper - and i always finished it all cus Breastfeeding sure made me a hungry monster! 

Here are some picx of how my Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner looked like....


I also discovered I have a hidden talent. I must've been a cow in my past life. My breast milk supply came in quick (some more I delivered via C Section), by only the second day, I could express 150ml from one breast in around 30min? I had such an amazing and good supply of milk. Plus, it was yellow (better than white) + opaque which was "the best" milk according to the lactation expert and nurses. All the nurses who came in to check on me were like "I've never seen someone with so much milk before! You can already start to donate! ". It made me feel like a proud mama seeing how amazed they were and going "Your baby is so lucky!!!". I'm sure I'm a topic discussed in the nurses' room lol! My jugs are humongous though. It probably went up to an F. Pretty sick! 

I think I have Hyperlactation, oversupply of milk. I am feeling engorged and full all the time. Even after feeding. So I have to pump or I'll be in pain. Oversupply is actually a problem. Just not as common as people who can't produce enough milk. It can get pretty bad as I read about it online but the lactation consultant told me to just monitor myself first. This is super good for my baby though, he has more food!!! And hopefully his jaundice would go away. The more he pees and poops, the faster jaundice will go away.

Wonder how baby will be like when he goes home later! So glad the nanny I engaged could make it today so I have someone at home to look after both baby & i. I hope she is a good cook! The hospital has been feeding me so well and I hope I can still enjoy the food at home as much. I also hope to be able to take more afternoon naps and start "recovering". My bf nagged at me yesterday cus I couldn't stop moving around and entertaining my friends. Haha. It's like a party in my room when I should be getting plenty of rest and recuperating from surgery. So I promised him no more visitors and I'll be good and rest well at home. His parents are sooo worried for me cus everytime they came to visit me id have plenty of guests and I refuse to sit down. I am happy my friends distract me from the pain from the c section wound though! Plus, moving around means blood circulation which means faster recovery right?

Oh and it's day 3, i still haven't washed my hair and taken a bath. The last time I did so was 18 Sep at 7pm. I can't wait to do that at home but am worried my wound would hurt. Maybe I'll only start bathing after I feel the wound is better? Would love to wash my hair later at home though! That is, if the confident  lady allows me to. I hope she's flexible and not strict. Hair is starting to feel oily and eekie already. 

Hello little bao!!!! I love you so so so much! Words cannot describe how happy i am to finally hold you in my arms. I am so thankful and blessed. :')

Some pretty flowers i received on Day 2! Day 1s stuff were brought back home by my bf so sorry i didn't post a pic of em, couldnt really walk much on Day 1.

 Thank you all for taking time to visit me in the hospital! Time passed so quickly, I really enjoyed the company of soooo many of y'all. LOVE YOU! I think the nurses were shocked at how many visitors i had and how energetic i was after a major op. I was moving around so much entertaining my guests. It was a celebration. So many friends were so excited because most of my friends don't have kids yet. Haha. But now it is time to get serious and start my confinement so my body won't fail in future (better to be safe than sorry). The older folks just gave me a lecture for not resting well. Shall listen to them and take the next 1-2 months to get plenty of rest. :)