Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Breastfeeding Mummies

(If you are a guy, I suggest you not read this post!)

WALAU? Like that also Stomp? Got so desperate for the $50 voucher meh.

Anyway, I don't see what's wrong with sharing that I've an oversupply. It is true and I am convinced it's awesome because the nurses were rly shocked but happy for me. I like to share my journey as a new mom and my experiences. I am a new BFing mummy! I don't think ppl would understand till they start BFing - Being able to provide more than enough for my baby (and also in time to come, helping other babies) is something I should be happy about.

Oh and then the Breastfeeding Mums FB page had a discussion and I can't believe some people think I'm "bragging" and being "insensitive" when I blogged about how much I could pump. Some even doubt it's possible. Seriouslyyyyy? :/ why do you see someone in such a negative light!?! Can't we be happy for each other since we are all proud Breastfeeding mummies? We are all made differently and how much each of us can produce is different. Obviously mine is quite rare but it's true and it's possible. Why would I wanna make something like that up to show off? I just wanted to share......don't see what's wrong w that, really. And if u are still in doubt and need picture of my milk as evidence pls refer to a tweet I posted ytd. Can't believe I have to resort to doing that but I hate being called a liar.

My nanny suggested I give it away to mummies who need it or donate my milk to the hospital and I will!! Have already started to pump and store and freeze. Will do so for the next few months and see how much I can accumulate. To be able to help those who can't produce enough will also be a wonderful feeling. 

Oh and having an oversupply is good for baby but not exactly great for mummy. I'm always leaking and soaking up my breast pads. No matter how much I pump, I just can't seem to stop leaking. My boobies are extremely sore and hard all the time and it really really hurts. Oh and I went up from a C to now probably an E/F cup...filled with so much milk it's so heavy. It is not easy!!!