Thursday, September 25, 2014

Post-Partum (Week 1)

I can't sleep! What's happening?!?! Haven't had over 3 hour sleep for the past 5 days. I'm still feeling ok actually. Like Not THAAAAT tired? Weird. I am having a massive headache now though! Could be because I washed my hair. I couldn't take it! The oiliness was driving me nuts. I also took a nice herbal bath. Much needed after 5 days. 5 days without washing my hair is like whoaaaa. However, I'm really wondering if I made a mistake by breaking the confinement rule of washing my hair....cus the headache doesn't seem to be going away. *worried* My body especially my neck is all achy too. 

Baby Elroy has to sleep in this special light bed as he has jaundice. We are going for a Check Up on Friday and hopefully it got better.

Gonna go out for a lil while to get Baby Elroy's birth cert done! A bit afraid to go out for long hours because of my boobies leakage. And also the uncomfy feeling of a boob full of milk. Hopefully it'll be a speedy process.

Saw this somewhere and after giving birth and being a mom, I completely agree!
"I look at postpartum as a time when moms and their new babies spend three weeks cuddled up getting to know each other," she says, "not a time to see how fast they can get themselves back into the gym or the real world."

Now that I've given birth and am a mummy, getting my figure back is the least of my concerns. I refuse to weigh myself right now!! My baby is 3.46kg which means Im probably around 14-16kg above pre-preg weight. Which is weird because when I was pregnant, I was googling so much on how to lose weight and I was so worried about all the weight I've gained. But now I'm just like, super ok with my ugly tummy and fat thighs after seeing my healthy baby boy. It is pretty sad to look at how my body has transformed but losing weight can wait. I want to eat well and have a good supply of milk for Elroy. I also became more health conscious. I even made the switch to brown rice cus I want to be healthier. I was never really a healthy eater and this change is shocking to me. Hopefully, I might drop some pounds from breastfeeding since it burns around 500 calories/day? But then again, my confinement nanny is such an excellent cook. I will finish up whatever she cooks for me. I've read stories of how mummies lose weight effortlessly through breastfeeding even when they eat a lot. I also hope that will be the case for me!!!

Bath Time! Cute lil froggy hehe

Every time I would stare at Elroy and be like, "I can't believe I gave birth to you". I love how quiet he has been at home so far! Only cries when he is hungry which is every 2-3 hours. Pretty easy to handle! Hope it stays this way. He is so so adorable yknow! It is true when they say every mother would think their baby is the cutest. Haha. In love with his fat cheeks, tiny hands and super ultra soft feet. My doula dropped by today and said his feet are one of the softest on a baby. Hehe.

Im thankful my nanny is here so things are easier for me. In fact, super easy because she doesn't let me do anything. I love her already! Wish she could stay for a very very long time. She is super good at everything! And I am amazed at how much energy she has despite not sleeping for long hours. Such a tough job! She definitely deserves a big big pay check at the end of the month :)