Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hungry Monster

I thought I was eating a lot during my pregnancy and would stop after I've given birth because "eating for 2" would no longer apply. Well... after giving birth, I AM WORSE?!?! I am hungry ALL THE TIME. It really is true that breastfeeding makes you hungry. VERY HUNGRY. I have like 6 meals a day and all the meals are all full of carbs. For breakfast this morning at 8am just now, I just had half a long baguette + sugar & butter, an apple, a raisin bun, a bowl of cornflakes and a cup of milo and now, I feel like I haven't eaten - it is only 9.45am and still a long way to lunch. :'(

But my nanny said she thinks I should have managed to lose at least 5kg now cus she said I look much slimmer than the day I was discharged. So happy to hear that! If it's true, it's really effortless and must be the beastfeeding! To be able to eat so much and still lose weight is A DREAM COME TRUE.

Maybe I should go weigh myself today! Kinda curious after she told me that. Hehe. Must not be obsessed w my weight since it shouldn't be a priority at the moment though. Need to Breast Feed baby boy.

This morning I think Elroy's jaundice got worse. He looks rly yellow and "dark". Time to leave him under the sun for 10min. Please get better!