Monday, October 20, 2014

Elroy's Full Month Celebration


This weekend went by so quickly as i was really busy with Elroy's Full Month Celebrations!

"Full Moon" (滿月, which literally means "Full Moon"), signifies the new born baby’s attainment of a full month's survival in good health, which calls for a celebration.

In Chinese culture, proud parents introduce their new born baby by holding a celebration during the baby's first month birthday. Traditionally, the baby's name is also announced at this time.

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Day 1 was done at the clubhouse downstairs with my friends! My bf and i decided to split the celebration into 2 days as i invited around 40 friends on my side and on his side he has around 120 (ya quite mad i know haha).

Had really beautiful decoration for his party thanks to a few people!

Have a party coming up? This post is going to be useful for you! Hehe.

Balloons were done by Kristine - LittleRedBalloon.

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Instagram: @thelittleredballoon

Contact No.: 81618448


Ordered the Red Eggs + Ang Ku Kueh + Cheesecups Baby Full Month Packages for my guests from Jara Petit Cheesecups.

Why Red Eggs and Ang Ku Kueh you ask?

Red Eggs
Red Eggs Dyed red eggs are an integral part of the full month celebration as it symbolizes happiness and the renewal of life, as well as announce the arrival of a newborn baby. Parents may also use the brightly colored eggs to announce the sex of the baby; an even number of eggs are sent out for a boy, and an odd number to announce a baby girl.

In recent years, however, some of the traditions surrounding the custom of passing out red-dyed eggs have been modified. Nowadays, in modern Singapore, the more hip parents give out chocolates or soft toys instead.

Ang Ku Kueh (“Red Turtle Cakes”)
Ang Ku Kueh (“Red Turtle Cakes”)The dough of the "red turtle cake" is dyed red for good luck. This kueh also signifies longevity as turtles have long lives. Thus, the “ang ku kueh” is made to resemble a turtle's back.

In the olden days, the design on top of the “ang ku kueh” will signify the sex of the child. A turtle and two marbles is the sign for a boy while a girl is represented by two peaches and Red Eggs. Nowadays, to simplify things, a ‘pointed’ “ang ku kueh” signifies a boy while a ‘flat’ one a girl.

THE CHEESECUPS FROM JARA PETIT ARE SOOOO YUMMY! I would totally place orders for it for my next party because everyone loved it!

Jara Petit Cheesecups
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We also had a pretty candy bar done up by PixieDustEvents!

Chocolates, Jellybeans, Lollipops, Marshmallows, Popcorn...etc!

So well decorated right? Hehe.

They specialize in party decors! Oh and besides a Candy Bar, you can get them to do Dessert Tables and Photobooth Stations! They are a pretty new start up but i was soooo impressed with their work! Many of my friends said the candy bar was really pretty.

If you need help with planning your party, contact them here.

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I didnt take pictures during the party as i was too busy entertaining my friends.  :/ Haha i am a bad blogger liao....

Oh and i ordered food from Neo Garden Catering and IT WAS SO GOOD. One of the best catering companies i must say. Every dish was yummy especially the curry chicken! If you are looking for a good caterer, check them out.

Baby Elroy is probably the most energetic baby most people have ever seen. He refused to sleep and kept his eyes wide open from 4pm-9pm? It's like he knew it was his party!!! Super cute. Where got baby so full of energy one right?! Haha. And he sure loved being carried around by everyone! Super well behaved that day.

My house after Day 1's party...can you imagine how many things we have now after Day 2? How blessed and loved you are my baby boy. :)

p.s i paid for some services above so it's not fully sponsored. and and i only blog about things i like and not because i'm being sponsored! if i ain't please with it, i wont share it so rest assure! :)

Had to wake up really early on Day 2 to pack stuff to bring to the hotel and was soooo tired! However, my baby boy was WIDE AWAKE ah...i wanted him to sleep longer in his room but he refused to be alone so i put him infront of a mirror and maybe he thought he wasnt alone anymore and stopped crying. So i managed to pack my stuff in peace. Haha.

Checked into our hotel room at Capella to rest and get ready for a big night! 

The arrangement by the management was really excellent! Walked into the room and saw a baby cot and bed prepared for my nanny.


 The Superstar of the night!
Little Superstar and His Mommy!

Little Superstar with his mommy and her mommy.

Day 2 for a more formal dinner with the boy's side. Couldn't invite too many of my friends cus my boyfriend had a guestlist of over 100 people. Like wedding lor? Haha.

I thought Baby Elroy would sleep throughout the dinner because of the long day he had the day before but..nope! He refused to sleep and again, just wanted everyone to carry him. Again, he just kept his eyes open throughout and kept looking around. When we put him in his pram, he would sleep for maybe 5 min then start crying cus he wanted to be carried and meet people. He is damn impressive leh! More energy than me, an adult. I was super drained after Day 1! Looks like he is going to be someone who loves parties and meeting people - like his mommy and daddy? Hehe.

What an awesome weekend it was! Super happy everything went as planned and went so smoothly.

I really look forward to 2015, so many people getting married and giving birth. I haven't attended a friend's wedding before and i look forward to doing so! Excited. Confirm gonna cry one. :)