Thursday, October 23, 2014

Post-Natal Home Massage

Pregnant and aching all over?
Looking for a Pre-Natal Home Massage lady who can travel to your house to help relief the pain?

Or have you just given birth and have a bulging tummy and looking for someone who can help you with slimming down quick? A Post-Natal massage is SUPER effective in helping you tone and tighten up the stomach muscles and expel wind out from the tummy!

Throughout my pregnancy i have done pre-natal massages (i do it weekly since Week 32) to make me feel better and more comfortable. Being pregnant sure isn't easy and a pre-natal massage helps me sleep much better.

After i gave birth, i also did Post-Natal massage! After giving birth, your tummy will not flatten immediately. Well for me i still looked around 5 months preggers after my baby was out and that really made me quite sad. My tummy went down quick thanks to the massage and binding though! I did a C-Section so i could only start the massage 12 days later (still being very careful around the tummy area). However if you had a vaginal delivery, you can start as soon as you are discharged from the hospital. Which means you can slim down faster! The faster you start on your massage, the faster you slim down.

Oriental Jamu's massage package include the following...

1. Full body massage with Jamu application
2. Tummy binding and slimming
3. Teaching baby massage sequence
4. Hot stones compression
5. Complimentary *(binder and telon baby oil)

Jessica from Oriental Jamu is using lemongrass oil to massage clients. (she also has aloe vera unscented oil for clients with sensitive skin)

Lemongrass oil helps give you a soothing and refreshed feeling during the massage.  The massage sequence helps to improve blood circulation and at the same time to expel wind and aids in your water retention. 
For breastfeeding mums, Jess will massage your breasts to clear your blocked ducts and increase your milk supply. 
Hot stones compression aids in relieving muscle aches that mummies get from delivering babies and also helps to clear engorgements. 
Jess will then end the massage with Jamu application on forehead and tummy and will use customised binder to wrap your tummy.
Every mummy who signs up for a package with Oriental Jamu will get a complimentary baby oil and Jess will teach baby massage sequence to you!

Choose between 5, 7 and 10 days sessions.
10 for the best results! I did my post-natal massage for 10 days.

Oriental Jamu offers a 1st trial session at $48 but this trial does not include the binder and baby oil.

If you are interested in a Pre-Natal or Post-Natal home massage lady who can travel to your home and massage you in the comfort of your own bed, feel free to contact Jessica Wong from Oriental Jamu.

Phone: +65 8518 8726