Tuesday, November 4, 2014

C-Section Scar

When I decided to do a C-Section, I was filled with a lot of fear. One of it was the fear of the pain when I move about about after the surgery, and the other was how bad the scar would look.

My wound was covered for around 4 weeks and I never really got to see it carefully. However, whenever i went for the change of plaster every week, the doc told me it healed really nicely. I did take a peak of it at Week 2 and was happy with how it looked! So when Week 4 came and I was told I could remove the plaster for good, I was so excited!

This is how the scar looks now. It is the horizontal line across. The dark line in the middle going down from my belly button is a Linea Nigra. The linea nigra is that vertical line on your belly, a pregnancy trademark that shows up on moms-to-be . My c-section scar is really low so I can easily cover it by wearing my pants higher. So yeah, for those who are curious to know how the scar looks like, this is how it looks like at Week 4. A thin red line. Over time it'll fade to a lighter color and then to white.

My stretch marks are DAMN horrendous and bad though. It's all over my tummy, butt and thighs. I'm undergoing treatment for those on my thighs but not my tummy yet. Can't wait to blog about it once I'm happy with the results on my thighs. I am seeing a slight improvement already. Also can't wait to start treatment on my tummy! I know it will never look the same as pre-pregnancy so I'm not expecting a lot, just hoping it'll lightens few shades.

P.s post-pregnancy body ain't the nicest looking but am pleased with how it looks because I expected it to take longer to go down cus I'm eating so so much. More on that soon :)