Monday, November 3, 2014


Just a short update!

I've been doing awesome. Still not struggling because my nanny is still around.

The confinement nanny is going back in 2 weeks time and the maid I chose and brought home the other day wasn't the best choice so we have to look for a replacement. Looking for a helper ain't easy and luck really plays a huge part. I hope the process of the transfer would be speedy so at least when the new helper comes to my place, the nanny can teach her. So thankful I can afford to get a helper too! I really really don't know how I can cope without help. I hope to be able to focus on my baby and leave the housework and cleaning to the helper. Big big kudos to mummies who can do without a helper! I don't think I'll dare bring Elroy out alone. There are so many things to bring out when you bring a baby out. For me, if I'm bringing Elroy out for say dinner with the family, I'll bring x2 diapers, small towel for feeding, extra clothes in case he spits/wets himself, milk bottle & expressed milk in cooler bag, electric pump for pumping, pram. So I definitely need someone to carry the baby bag while I carry Baby E. He doesn't really like being in a pram cus he has to lie down and can't see anything. He is a super curious baby and looooves going out! He is always so alert when he is out and refuses to sleep once he is around people. Oh baby E, you're going to be like your daddy & I...haha.

Looking forward to the new helper though! I hope she & I can be best friends! I know I'll confirm treat her super nicely so I do hope I won't be taken advantage of. I am most afraid of her stealing my valuables!! Jewelry and watches can be kept in a safe but how to hide big expensive bags? :( please please  let me have a nice and honest helper!!! *prays