Thursday, November 13, 2014


I've been doing my brows with this lady called Apple for YEARS! Despite having many ppl wanting to sponsor me, I chose to pay to do it with Apple. So this is not a sponsored advertorial, I don't have to share but I will because she's a really good eyebrow artist. Is that what you called it? Haha.

Have shared her contact on my social media platforms before and during my latest visit Apple told me a lot of yall did your brows with her too so for the first time in years she touched up my brows for me for free to thank me for sharing. And my turn to THANK U ALL! Hehe. :)

Still fresh and dark now so it doesn't look pretty. Can't wait till it fades! A lot of people email me from time to time asking about my brows so here is her name card :)

One side done 

Not pain one la so don't worry! AND it looks very natural once it has faded (around 3 days?). She does it stroke by stroke, mimicking your real brow hair. It is called 4D Eyebrows 
Here's me bare faced...but not looking so dull? See how much difference dark and nicely shaped brows make!