Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Post-Pregnancy Body (Week 8)

Here's my Post-Partum Week 8 update!

What?!?! ALREADY?!?! Almost 2 months since Elroy came into this world! HOW FAST! Starting to fill in my schedule with work stuff already. Soon it'll be Christmas...and New Year. Whoaaa. This year went by fast man.

Went to the gym for a 30 min work out that day and this is my post-pregnancy body at Week 7...

Post-Pregnancy Current Weight (Week 8): 57kg

Pre-Pregnancy Weight: 51kg
Weight Gained During Pregnancy: 20kg

I look normal already and a lot of people can't believe i just gave birth. :)

I have lost 13kg already all thanks to Breastfeeding. Even though i'm still 6 kg away from my pre-pregnancy weight, i am happy with my progress! I feel that i look healthy and i feel healthy!


1. Breastfeeding
BREASTFEEDING! Cannot be happier with the choice to breastfeed. It's good for my baby and helped me lose so much weight effortlessly.

2. Healthy Diet
Diet wise, less sweet stuff! I eat normally (4 meals a day) but avoid chocolates and ice cream. Because i'm breastfeeding, i'm hungry all the time! Dont starve, eat enough for your body as it is working hard producing milk for you baby. However, try to eat as healthy as possible to avoid unnecessary weight gain during this period. During my pregnancy, i was eating sweet stuff every day and weirdly, after i gave birth, i stopped craving for all that. Eating home cooked food must have helped too because it's much healthier than eating out. I also switched to eating brown rice because a lot of people say it's much healthier than white rice.

3. Massage
Doing a Post-Natal Massage (post here) helped. The binding of my belly really made my belly go down fast.

4. Treatment at Aesthetic Clinic
For my thighs, i thank O Medical Clinic for my Venus Freeze treatment (post here).

I must say, staying active during your pregnancy is very very important too! I was pretty active up to Week 32. I try to swim 2 times a week and brisk walk for 30 mins every other day. I was gaining weight quickly despite being active though.

Even though i gained 20kg - which is quiet a lot, i lost it quick. Silly me, to be so worried, i now understand that my body knows what to do to keep my baby healthy. If you are slightly underweight, you should gain more than the norm. It's ok if you gain more than other people, as long as your baby is healthy, that's the most important!

I have heard stories of people gaining only 7kg during their pregnancy. I was so jealous at first but i realised everyone's body works differently. Don't compare!

Looking good after having a baby isn't THAT tough, really. For me, because i'm a Blogger, looking presentable and good is important so i kinda force myself to dress up and doll up when i go out especially to meet clients etc. A lot of people are too lazy to dress up and put make up after giving birth and i TOTALLY UNDERSTAND. Looking after a baby is tiring. Breastfeeding makes you even more tired. Most days i am just too tired to do anything too, really. Which is why most mummies look so tired. My make up helps conceal all the blemishes and dark eye circles, without it, i'll look like a mess. So my secret to looking good? GOOD MAKE UP SKILLS AND A WARDROBE FULL OF PRETTY CLOTHES. :) I did a lot of shopping online during my pregnancy in my last few weeks so i had a lot of clothes i looked forward to wearing after giving birth. That kinda made me wanna dress up too. I knew i wasn't going to lose the weight THAT quickly so i bought size M/L clothes so i could fit in pretty clothes shortly after giving birth. Didnt want to buy stuff i wouldn't be able to fit into...that might actually make me feel sad about myself.

Dinner at the best Jap restaurant in Singapore (to me) - Shinji. The boy brought me there for Date Night and i am soooo happy to be able to finally try it after reading about it online and hearing him tell me how good the food is. Really pricey dinner (cost us $1.3k for 2) but truly a great experience. If you are willing to splurge on good food, it is a must try.

Finally being able to eat sashimi is AWWWWWESOME! I stayed away from it during my pregnancy because doctor said it's best not to consume raw food. You can but it's risky. I realized that eating fish makes my milk supply go UP. Not like i need that...haha. It made my oversupply worse? But but  if you don't have a lot of milk and want to increase supply, eating more fish should help. :)

Hope you enjoyed my Week 8 Post Pregnancy short update!