Saturday, November 29, 2014


This bottle is great for breastfeeding mommies. I love how I need not have to have look for hot water to warm expressed breastmilk when I'm out with baby. Just press one button and wait 60seconds and the milk will be warmed and ready to be consumed by baby! No more frantically searching high and low for a nursing room for hot water and then wait another 3-5 min for the milk to warm up. That 3-5min can be a headache especially if baby is super hungry and nothing you do can stop his crying.

The award-winning self-warming baby bottle!

Yoomi, UK’s first self-warming baby bottle has been on the shelves since 2009. Yoomi provides an ideal solution to quickly warming baby’s milk to the perfect temperature whether it be in the car, on a plane, out for lunch.. or on holiday! This is a truly innovative feeding system which can be used quite literally anytime, anyplace, anywhere!

The best bits about yoomi...

* easi-latch™ teat: thanks to its natural breast-shaped and super-soft silicone teat which allows for a breast-from-breast experience

*transition sorted: thanks to the consistent breast-milk temperature feed provided by yoomi, babies have the familiarity they need to support weaning from breast to bottle

*reduced likelihood of colic: with its 6 anti-colic vents (most bottles have 4) yoomi allows for a more comfortable feeding experience for babies

*easy pouring and mixing: yoomi’s unique, wide-necked bottle makes pouring and mixing simple – as well as clean and tidy!

* convenience, always: being suitable for both expressed breast-milk and formula, and ideal for either combination or bottle feeding means yoomi supports all parents baby feeding needs

*safe: yoomi only warms milk as your baby drinks, giving bacteria less time to breed. And of course, the yoomi range is 100% BPA free meeting the highest safety standards

* all you need: the yoomi bottle can be used on its own or with a yoomi warmer and all yoomi bottles, teats and warmers are interchangeable across the range

Yoomi Warmer:

• Flexible – the yoomi bottle can be used on its own or with a yoomi warmer. Combined with a warmer, it warms feed to the natural temperature of breast milk in 60 seconds.

• Quick – when babies get hungry, there’s no time to waste. yoomi warms feed to the perfect temperature in 60 seconds, which is great for the baby… and mums & dads too

• Convenient – wherever they may be, yoomi enables parents to provide warm feed to their babies, at the correct temperature, without delay or additional equipment

• Safe – The warmer has been specially designed so that it cannot overheat the feed,

How to use Yoomi warmer?

Simply pop the warmer into the teat. Close the bottle. Don’t over tighten the collar or the anti-colic vents won’t work. Press the orange button and wait for a total of 60seconds. Your feed is now ready.

How to recharge the warmer?

There are 2 methods to recharge the warmer. Boiling method or Microwave method.

Users’ preferred method is boiling. You may boil multiple warmers and it sterilizes at the same time. You have to constant boil your warmers for 30mins.

For microwave method, it takes approx. 2.5mins, HOWEVER, if you do not follow the instructions correctly, you may permanently damage your warmer.

After which, please REMEMBER to allow your warmer to COOL down COMPLETELY to room temperature before using.

For me, i personally prefer to use the boiling method as i feel it's less troublesome.

Product range:

o yoomi bottle (with slow flow teat) – 5oz / 8oz (Single & Twin pack available)
o yoomi bottle, warmer & pod (with slow flow teat) – 5oz / 8oz
o yoomi warmer and pod
o yoomi teats (pack of 2) in medium or fast flow

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