Monday, December 1, 2014

Baby Schedule/Post-Partum (Week 10)

Mummy Post-Partum Week 10

Not much to say about myself except my last stubborn 6kg. Everything else is pretty much normal already! It's just the last 6kg but it just won't go away so it looks like I've to start exercising if I want it off. Maybe I've to also eat lesser and stop eating like I've a baby in me. Haha.

Now about Baby! 

Baby Elroy is growing really fast and smiling more as the days go by. He is such a strong baby! He has pretty good head control, holds his head up really well. At just 2 months I feel that his neck is as strong as my friend's baby who is 4 months? Looking forward to him being more steady so he can sit in his jumperoo! My friend suggested I put him in the sitting position at the corner of the sofa for a few minutes everyday to train his neck muscle and I think that really helped. I think he might be able to sit in the jumperoo at 3 months +? It says for babies above 4 months but i will have to ask the pediatrician at his next visit first as she'll know better if he is steady enough or not. 

Also gonna buy a high chair soon! Don't know which is a good brand though, would appreciate some suggestions? :)

I read him a story everyday and even though he doesn't understand, he seems to enjoy hearing me read! So yeah, everyday at around noon when he is super awake, I'd read him a story. Then I'd turn on some baby music to keep him entertained. Some popular YouTube channels for baby songs I like are "LiftleBabyBum", "Hooplakidz" & "KidsCamp".

We haven't gotten an iPad for him yet. Soon, soon!
Here are some vids I always play for him...

I'm also very happy he sleeps well at night and everyday has a schedule to follow. At home we make it a routine and it's so much easier to manage. His sleeping & feeding are more consistent and predictable now. He follows a timetable - when to eat, sleep, play, and so on, and we stick to the pattern every day.

2 month old 
Baby Schedule

7am Wake up and feed

730am Take a bath

8am Bring him to the living room where there is sunlight so he'll know it's Daytime! Turn on the TV or Video and let him play on his Playmat

9-930am He will make noise and this would mean he wants to sleep so we will put him in his small bed in the living room where there's light so he knows it's still daytime. Don't want to put him in his room as it's dark and he might be confused between Day & Night.

10am Feeding time! He will auto wake up and cry for milk. And change diaper! We always change his diaper after he finishes his milk. He always poops while drinking haha.

1030am He will fall back asleep after drinking his milk. If he doesn't, we'd turn on some music for him to keep him entertained.

12noon He would be very awake so either the helper or I would take him out to the mall or garden to walk. If we are home, we put him on his Playmat or I'll read to him.

1pm Feeding Time and Diaper Change

130pm If we aren't out, he would be in his rocker, we would rock him till he falls asleep

4pm Feeding Time and Diaper Change

430pm Playtime!

6pm Take a bath and change into his PJs

630pm Feeding Time & Diaper Change

7pm He would fall asleep in his small bed in the living room

8pm I would watch TV and put him on my lap if he isn't asleep

930pm Feeding Time & Diaper Change

10pm Bed Time! Rock him till he is sleepy and put him back in his room where it's dark

1am Last feeding (feed more) and he can usually sleep till 7am! If he doesn't wake up till 7am, then 7am feeding we also increase the milk.

So yup, that's how Elroy's days are like!

It really isn't as tiring once everything is a routine. But of course you have to be very strict at first to get this going and my nanny was the once who helped me with it. I also made sure my helper stick to this routine closely too so when I'm not home, she plays with Elroy, turns on the music/TV for him etc.

If you need more help on Baby Schedules, check out this link.

Hope you enjoyed the update about me! See you soon!