Monday, December 15, 2014

G Spa

Non-sponsored post! 
Just recommending an affordable spa in Singapore.:)

I was preggers and pregnant woman can't be in places with too high temperatures I haven't been to a spa for over a year. The joy i felt when I could enter the hot pool again omgggg!

Today I paid gspa a visit after so long. It's not my favourite spa place but it's the most worth it one for sure!
I'm one who looooves taking baths in super hot water. It's like everytime I finish showering/bathing, the toilet would be full of steam haha. So yeah, I love hot pools & steam baths soooo much. I always feel very "clean" when I sweat it out in the hot pool or steam bath. It is said it is the best way to detoxify. I have realized that whenever i have a hangover, all I have to do is go into the hot pool or steam bath to sweat it out! Works better than any hangover cure drinks/medicines I've tried. And I feel that my skin feels much softer too.

After enjoying the hot pool I did the Gateway To Vitality massage. Best massage I had in a long time man. Everytime she pressed and everywhere just kept "cracking", she would be like, "wah girl, so young only leh you work very very hard ah so tired?" Haha. Needed it so badly after the long and tiring weekend (Zoukout, Baby Shower, Wedding...).

I don't really blog about spa places because everytime I go to such places, I'd put my phone in the locker to be "away from work" and relax but today I was waiting for an urgent call so I held it and thought it'll be a good idea to share this place too!

There are tons of other great spa places in Sg but I think gspa is one of the cheapest. Not the best because there are many other spas which look much much nicer. G Spa got a bit of those
"atas china KTV place" vibes cus of the lights and all. Don't ask me how i know how those places look like and why i go there. Haha. I googled and found this video, watch it and you will sorta get what i mean la haha.

However when it comes to the price, gspa is the most affordable and worth it one. Plus it has all the facilities that makes a good spa and massage is very good too. Or maybe cus i'm very lucky that everytime i go i get all those ladies with very power hands.

What made it even cheaper is I signed up for a package so everytime I'm there they'd deduct from the package. When you do so they'd also give you extra credits. All the services are cheaper for members too so yeah, save more and sign up for their membership.

Oh and why it's so worth it too is because they have a dining area where there's a buffet so you can eat all you want after your massage. It's like local food like kuay teow all that. You can have your breakfast, lunch & dinner there, nobody would care also. Haha.

Also it opens till late. So you can go after work, unlike most spas I know of which closes pretty early.

Prices on website if you're curious:

102 Guillemard Road
#02-02 Singapore 399719
Contact: (65) 6280 8988