Monday, December 15, 2014

Moony Diapers

I just tried a new brand of diapers called Moony and I love it! I do hope it'll be easy to find it because it's a really good brand. 

Since baby Elroy was born, I have been sent samples of diapers all the time and even though Moony is relatively new, it is as good as those popular brands among parents in the market. In fact, it is better than a lot of the brands. I have experienced leakage with one very popular diaper brand and was so disappointed because it's one brand which is easily available everywhere! 

For Moony diapers, it feels pretty thin and doesn't give Elroy a big bulge down there. Feels very soft and comfortable too! As a mummy, I'm sure you'd want the best for your baby. Even though I won't really know how Elroy feels in his diapers, whether or not it really makes a difference comfort wise, I assume it will be more comfortable wearing thinner diapers as when I get my period, those ultra thin pads are more comfy than the thick maxi pads for sure.

I put it to the test and used it for a week to test how absorbent it was and wow, really no leakage at all. Elroy poops quite a lot and some days when we go out and don't change his diapers in time, it will leak all over his clothes when I use a brand super popular in the market. However, with Moony it didn't happen within the week I tried it out.

Am a satisfied Moony diaper user!