Monday, December 8, 2014

St Regis Bangkok

Had a wonderful short trip to Bangkok and am super looking forward to going back there again for more shopping soon!

This time round we stayed at St Regis and of course it was wonderful. It has to be lah since it's a 5 star luxury hotel. I've always stayed at more simple and cheap hotels in Bangkok and am very pleased with it already! The boy couldn't tahan staying in the hotel i booked (which wasn't even bad....)so we had to move. Which was a good move anyway because i definitely loved my stay at St Regis. At least I experienced something different from my previous BKK trips. 


Deluxe Room was pretty. Love love love the decor and little details.

 The golf course view from the room

 Love all the croc stuff! Everything from the tissue box, remote holder, umbrella stand, notepad....omg. Wanted to bring it home soooo bad.

 Got to pamper myself at the spa which was very pricey but super awesome experience! Although I could've gotten a 20 hour massage if I went to the usual massage place I go to when I'm in BKK. :/


Staff were very friendly. Service was soooo good. Breakfast spread was good too! I have seen the pictures of the other rooms and maybe the next time we're there i'd try to convince him to book it because omg it looks soooo nice.
Wanted to have dinner at the lobby of St Regis at Zuma, a japanese restaurant. However, since the boy has already tried it i decided to google and find somewhere else with good japanese food.

So we ended up at Yamazato at The Okura Prestige Hotel...

 Managed to get sits by the window so we had a nice view

Not much pictures of the food (only took my own dishes) as i was too busy enjoying my food. I had sashimi and soba and the boy had the Kaiseki. Basically you just let the chef decide. The dinner wasn't up to his standard though...he said we shouldve just went to Zuma so i assume the best japanese restaurant in Bangkok has to be Zuma? Since Yamazato didnt meet his expectations.

The Okura Prestige hotel was pretty though! I like the decor as much as i liked St Regis's so maybe the next time we're there we can stay there hehe.

Ok and ya, nothing much to blog about Bangkok because i've been there like a gazillion times and have blogged about it so many times. I didn't do much anyway because it was such a short trip. Just did what the boy and i went there to do, enjoyed the hotel facilities, did some shopping at platinum mall and yeah.