Monday, December 8, 2014

Mummy's Love

 2 Months 18 Days

I love you, Elroy. 

It's more than anything I ever imagined. Before I had him in my life, I said I can't imagine loving anyone/thing more than I love hiro. I had boyfriends I thought I loved so much but after E, that love can't even compare.

The day i first looked into Elroy's eyes, I felt love so strong words cannot express it. As days go by, i got more and more attached to him. It's more than the love I have for anyone in my life, ever. It is so unselfish. I would do anything for him and will never let anyone harm him. I will never give him up for anything. When i'm stressed up and frustrated, his smile just brightens my day and make all the worries disappear. I appreciate my life so much more with him around.

There's no greater love than the love a mother has for her child. I now know how much my mum loves me. In the past it was like "ya...I know my parents love me so?" But really understanding and believing it now made me wanna love her more.

You are very precious to your mummy so please love her. Remember your mummy and don't break her heart.

"I promise to always be there to scoop you up and place you right back on your feet if you fall."