Monday, January 5, 2015

Health Scare

Didn't have a great start to a brand new year. Have to schedule an operation for a 5cm lump and only then would I get a "proper" diagnosis. I'm praying its benign. Not looking forward to a scar across my neck though. Sigh. Why couldn't it happen on another part of my body?! Or better, not even happen at all. :( 

So 2 health scares were enough to wake up and make me treasure my loved ones. Also helped me be more forgiving and not be so uptight about everything. Maybe it's a good thing that I can no longer stay angry or sad for over a day. Everything happens for a reason.

Bad news aside, I'm sooooo looking forward to my London-Paris-Milan trip on the 8th! It's our holiday to celebrate the new year together. Also a good time to take my mind off the upcoming operation. Kinda sad though as I'll be away from Baby E for a pretty long time. The previous trip to bangkok was less than 4 days and felt like hell already! :( I will make sure my mommy and BF's sis flood my phone with Baby E's pictures and videos to keep me alive haha. Finally, a trip to somewhere far away after over a year?! Uhm but also slightly worried cus traveling with the bf means I might irritate him a bit with my constant wants to take OOTDs. Most impatient photographer I've ever met. He might just blow and throw my camera away because im a lil fussy. No perks being with someone who hates taking photos of people & being in photos. Lol. Anyhow, even if I can't be in those picx, I shall put my amateur skills to good use and take some pretty pictures of the cities I'll be visiting. Maybe do a pretty informative blog post if I actually remember the names of the places I visit :X 

On the GC x XX drama, we're another step into finding out who the mole is and whatever your view on the whole saga is, up to you la I'm not interested in who you have faith in, all I wanna find out is who were the people who betrayed GC. Some people said not so nice stuff because they trusted all people inside the group chat because most of us have known each other for over a year. Who would've thought someone would just leak the entire chat. Looks like it's more than 1 person some more. Ya it's wrong to gossip but it's also wrong to be a traitor. She also made fun of my boobies thinking it'll humiliate me but im ok with it because my boobs don't look like that anymore. So ya, my boobs went from C to F/G (ya, siao!!!), which was why when I was Breastfeeding (which I've stopped due to health reasons) my boobs were soooo huge it was at my waist. Lol!!! Defo not a nice sight. Hated it and joked about it everyday till I found an underwire bra which I could actually fit in. So difficult to find the size I needed in SG. Ridiculously huge saggy boobies days are over. Thank God! It's now back to a C/D and still a lil saggy but nothing a push up bra can't fix. I am proud of my post prego figure now. Laugh all you want now cus once you get pregnant, give birth and breast feed, don't be too surprised at how your boobies can't defy gravity no more. Oh stupid wretch, caused way more drama than necessary. I know of many who can't wait to write a post on the person's evil deeds and as much as I want to, I promised someone I won't do such hateful posts directing at anyone. Gotta grow up and not be a bully. Not be mean and filled with hatred. But it sure is tempting lah...maybe just a tweet. Or 2. We'll see if I can handle it with GRACE and be CLASSY ya.