Sunday, January 4, 2015

Reunion Steamboat

Planning a steamboat dinner with your friends and family?

Well, you gotta check out Reunion Steamboat!


Yes, it was my first time hearing of such a concept where you place your order online for steamboat stuff and get EVERYTHING delivered right at your door step. Even the Gas Stove is provided! When i heard about their company, i was SOOOO keen on taking up this ad because it's definitely something i'd like to share with all of ya'll.

"Reunion Steamboat was founded by a group of steamboat enthusiasts who believe in the intimacy between good quality food, people and the home. The home is like a pot of hot soup and people in it are like the ingredients. Each ingredient enhances the flavor of another in the same way we become more jovial in the presence of good company. The soup tastes better and better with more ingredients the same way we bond and get to know each other more as we spend more time together. This is why we called ourselves Reunion

Reunion Steamboat is the first home delivery service and gourmet grocer to provide a wide array of high quality, restaurant-grade sliced meats, seafood, vegetables, beverages and other steamboat products at affordable prices for you to enjoy in the comfort of your home.

We spent countless hours sourcing for the best tasting steamboat ingredients and we only select high quality meats that not only retain its full flavor but also enhance the taste of the soup base. We handpick, wash and cut all our fresh seafood and vegetables so that you do not have to spend those long hours preparing for your steamboat

We take pride in our soups

Nothing represents HOME better than a flavourful bowl of soup so we crafted our soup the traditional way - spending long hours boiling and simmering meats, spices and vegetables so that you get to enjoy healthy, all natural and great tasting soup without having to lift a finger!

Here at Reunion we aim to be a different kind of company - one that not only celebrates good food but also brings connection between people.

Our mission is to be the preferred, one stop, hassle free steamboat delivery service and grocer in Singapore."

What are the prices like?

For the Basic Package (10-12 pax) it is $120 which i feel is pretty reasonable because that's like $12/person only!

The Basic Package includes

2 pkts of Swanson Clear Chicken Soup

2 sets of Assorted Surimi & Balls Platter
6 Eggs

900g of Marinated Chicken Slices
1kg of South American Pork Belly Shabu
1kg of NZ Chuck Roll Shabu Shabu 1.5mm

600g of Dory Fish Slice

2 sets of Mixed Vegetables & Mushroom Platter 800g

500g of Rice Vermicelli

More info and packages available on website!

Aiya...order online confirm not fresh!

NOT TRUE! Everything was SO fresh and i was impressed with the quality of the meat. All the ingredients are hand picked and washed for you so you don't have to do all of that.

You can also place an order online or drop them an email!

Email –
Phone – 62437243

Reunion Steamboat is currently having a promo now till the end of Jan – Free 150g Pork Collar with every packaged order~

Suggest this to your family for Reunion Dinner Steamboat, CNY is coming already! I'm sure your parents would think it's a great idea because it's SO CONVENIENT. Hehe.