Sunday, January 25, 2015

I Woke Up Like This

 And these few days i'm like...

Because i'm still recoving from surgery. Hehe. 

I just changed my blood filled dressing. Was told not to do anything but the white portion of the plaster was all bloody and gross.

While changing it, "juice" oozed out like there's no tomorrow?! It JUST WONT STOP! Yucks. It's Sunday and the clinic is closed so all i can do is pray the juice will run out and stop oozing out already man. I dont have that many big plasters left (which i have left from my c-section, thankfully).

Anyway this health scare is a reminder to BUY YOUR HEALTH INSURANCE. Not an advertorial for insurance, don't worry. Haha but if someone wants me to do one, i'd gladly promote it because I AM SOOOOO FREAKING THANKFUL I BOUGHT MINE. I am lucky i have friends who are insurance agents and i bought it to "support" them, didn't expect myself to be claiming money and making use of it so fast. I am so happy i did so. I don't know how i can afford to pay my medical bills if not for health insurance. I had to pay $10k upfront for this recent surgery and should be able to claim it but like imagine if i didn't buy insurance? $10k fly away LIKE THAT. This isn't even like the WHOLE amount leh. It doesn't include the upcoming appointments etc. Imagine if i really kena cancer (choi choi but doc didnt rule that out), i will pay pay pay till my bank account is empty. At 23, I dont want an empty bank account due to health reasons man. So yes, BUY! BUY IT WHEN YOU'RE YOUNG.

Upcoming posts will be advertorials and more advertorials for online store. On Instagram too. But i'm trying my very best to take nicer pictures so hopefully it won't be boring la ok? AND WHY SO MANY ADS?


And also because a girl can never have too many clothes. 

Looking forward to CNY because this CNY, i have my own apartment and maybe i can invite people over to bai nian hehe. ALSO BECAUSE WE HAVE A NEW MEMBER IN THE FAMILY, EVERYONE IS LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING MY BABY ELROY! Hehe.