Friday, February 13, 2015

Elroy 4 Months

In only 6 more days, Elroy would be 5 months old! Can't believe how huge he is now! When we bring him out, people always think he is 6-7 months and we say he is only 4 months old, they'd be like omg he is BIG! Haha. He is 10kg already?! Are you growing too fast my love?! Haha. Even the doctor was shocked to see him at our last appointment. 

We aren't overfeeding at all! We feed 150ml every 3 hours in the day and at night he can go 6-7 hours without milk. Totally normal for babies his age so i guess he is just absorbing REALLY well. Which is good i guess! Oh my fatty! I can't even carry him for long without hurting my arms. Haha. 

The other day I was bouncing up and down and jumping around carrying him. The next day I woke up with legs so so sore! Like after running 20km kinda sore?! But I guess it's good exercise for my helper and I to keep ourselves slim! Hehe.

He has been SO ACTIVE. He doesn't even sleep in the afternoons anymore. Even I sleep more than him haha. He takes maybe 1-2 naps for 30-45min a day. At night he sleeps for 7 hours. I sleep way more! Haha. Most days he is on his bouncer which they said he shouldn't be on till 6 months but my doc said elroy is growing damn fast and he is very strong so we got the green light. He doesn't even want to lie down in the afternoons anymore so if not for the bouncer, he would be crying away!

Here are some pictures of him! I'll try to post more pictures of him here from now on so we can all watch him grow up together! Hehe.


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