Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tie My Hair :(

Never thought i'd feel sad over such a simple thing as tying my hair! I miss going out with my hair tied up so much. Well in some pictures i tied but that's just for that few minutes. Can't tie my hair due to a removal of a huge lymph node on my neck which left a huge hole and the doctor can't even tell me how long it'll take to recover. Almost 3 weeks already but the hole is still leaking and looking very disgusting. What's worse is i always let down my hair and hair gets stuck to the wound all the time making it even harding to heal. Zzz. But if i air it then the wound is so huge it'll freak everyone out so....

Hmm, so Valentines Day i got roses from Mr Unromantic which was pretty romantic surprise.

Well that is until i asked him "B wow so nice leh you why you buy leh?" hoping he'll be romantic and be like " Cus i love you" but instead his answer...

"Because i scared you kaopei if you see other people have"



I'm never going for whatever Valentine's Day dinner package EVER.

Our dinner set at Halia was SOOOOO disappointing. SERIOUSLY. I feel bad for surprising the bf with such a dinner! Not cheap at all also. 

Oh and i also finally played bowling. Decided to spend Valentine's Day with the bf at the bowling alley because he used to love bowling a lot when he was younger and it's been almost a decade since he last played. Eh he damn good leh. I thought it was all talk when he told me about his days as a bowler. Lol. Actually i thought i was damn sweet lor bring him there to revive those days. But then he unromantic kind....don't feel anything one. No Thank You at the end of the day for a fun night out...just a lot of complains about how sore his hands were. Walao...PFFT.

Freds came let me feel better about being a noob at bowling hahaha.

This is how big Baby E is at almost 5 months old now. 2 more days to 19th! Hehe.

 Giant ball of happiness!

Thank you Dove for sending over this sweet package after they read that i was suffering from hair loss!!! Hopefully it'll help hehehe.

 With ma girlfriends who make me feel all young again every friday. Haha

Gonna have the best home steamboat with meat we bought at Mediya just now! Spent $300 on beef alone! Sooo excited!

Anyhow, can't believe CNY is here already. Gonna be so different this year as i'll be rejecting ang baos and a way "acting" like a married couple so the old people would "Approve". Still have our reasons for not hurrying into marriage but that's for us to know and it's not up for discussion here. Sick and tired those who know shit who can't stop spreading nonsense. Annoying but well, haters gonna hate. It's gonna be real tiring addressing the issue and talking about it openly because even after doing so, at the end of the day there would still be people who disagree with my views and spread even more nonsense. There's bound to be people who dislike me for god knows what reason and no explanation can change their opinions so the best way to get people to shut up is to just let them talk shit and keep quiet. If i choose to defend myself and all, it'll just go on and on. Aiya, i also know how it's like to dislike someone. Not like i'm some angel who loves everyone.
I know it how it's like when one dislikes another. I know it so well because my friends and I dislike this one person and everything she says just makes us roll our eyes. Every photo she posts would be scrutinized for flaws, every word she says would be bullshit. So yeah, haters are gonna hate~ LIFE GOES ON :)


Hope we all will HUAT! 

I'm so confused leh all the different feng shui masters all say different things. Some said Goat's lucky color this 2015 is Orange...some said Red...some said what is the lucky color ah? Haha. I wanna try try and see if really will Goat Luck if i follow or not. Haha.