Monday, March 9, 2015

Hair Loss

During pregnancy, some people asked me if i faced hair loss and i wondered why because i didn't lose any hair but instead, my hair was thicker than ever. Post-Pregnancy hair loss was something i didn't expect to make me depressed as i assumed that if i were to drop hair, i would just lose all that extra hair grown during pregnancy.

Little did i expect...

Imagine scrolling through my pictures and seeing SUCH A HUGE BALD SPOT.

Seriously got the shock of my life! Btw, that was a really nice picture of me and my bf, which my freaking bald spot had to RUIN. Pfft. 

Omg, i'm only 23 and facing hair loss already?!?! So sad lor. But i did my research and i am reminded that it's a rather common post pregnancy issue. 

Honestly, before i saw that hole, I didn't even feel like i was losing hair excessively. I've always been losing hair since forever because my hair is so long so finding hair on my brush was not out of the ordinary. 

It was absolutely depressing seeing hair drop after that yknow! Plus, i can't change my hair parting due to the huge wound my recent surgery left on the right side of my neck. I even wanted to go to Beijing 101 to see if i can do anything about this horror.

Definitely took awhile for me to calm down and patiently try recommended products so...

Here are the stuff which i have tried...

1. Natur Vital Hair Loss Shampoo 

Someone sent this to me quite a while back with my pre-natal package. I passed it to my helper because i assumed i would never have to use such a product. Then i took it back because i was DESPERATE one day. Haha. 

This did help a little bit but it was extremely drying though. Detangling my hair could've caused more damage actually. But if you do not have severely damaged dry hair like me, maybe this would work.

2. Dove Therapy Hair Fall Rescue
Defenitely preferred this way more than the above as it did not dry out my hair. Lesser hair got stuck to my brush one week after so yup it works!

3. Yohmo Hair Tonic
A reader recommended i try this and i must thank her as i think this has been helping my hair grow!!! I put a few drops on the bald spots on my scalp and massage it. Has a tingling sensation after application. I always imagine little baby hair sprouting out as i sleep haha. The smell makes my bf cringe though. He hates it when i use this so i can't use it all the time as i do have nights i want to be attractive lol lol Got this from qoo10, not sure where else you can find it.

4. Dr GL Hair Loss Solution
This definitely smells way better than the above so i use it in the day time! A bit pricey so i alternate between this and Yohmo. 

 Honestly speaking, i'm not sure which product is doing its magic but i am going to continue using all of the products above until i don't see any more results. I think the most effective should be the Yohmo Tonic and Dr GL Hair Serum.

So far, it's been good and i am pleased! Hello new baby hair!!! The spot is still rather bald but SO MUCH BETTER THAN A MONTH AGO RIGHT? 

I'll continue trying more stuff and do a better hair loss solution recommendation post once my hair loss problem is resolved. Hehe.

If you have any products to recommend, feel free to do so, i'd love to give it a try!

P.s my friend thinks I should change the hair loss products in using and to try Rogaine and Kerastase so maybe I'll get those to try. Am a total noob at this topic as it is my first time facing this and have not done enough research on it