Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Talk Talk

On annoying anti-LKY videos and posts...

People can say say say all the shit they want. And yes some of us do see and face the same issues but do you have a solution to all the problems you have raised? Can you resolve the problems better? You can be as observant as you are and have a super great command of english to put together in words all the unhappiness you feel but it's all pointless if you don't have a solution to it and share your thoughts on how things should've been handled. If you think LKY did not do a good job with running the country, we will not see progress and advancement in Singapore since the day he started running the country. 

Be thankful for what you have and for all the good the powerful man has built for all of us. Not every single one of us may get by day to day comfortably and easily but no matter what your situation may be, there's surely one thing you can be thankful for. Clean water, safe neighbourhood, good education did all of that happen? 

The world is indeed unfair and it is not possible to please everyone. There's a time to complain and express your unhappiness but now is not the time. If you want to be heard, maybe wait for a better time. Show some respect. Speaks a lot about you if you choose to blabber away at such a time.