Saturday, April 11, 2015

Ad: Cocolife

I have been addicted to Coconut Water ever since I started drinking lotsa it in my last trimester of pregnancy. During that time, my fridge is always loaded with coconut water because I loooove it and it was my most craved drink apparently!

According to older people, it is advisable to drink coconut water in your last trimester to "clean your baby". Sounds crazy but when I gave birth to Elroy he didn't have white stuff stuck on him and he was very clean so maybe it was the coconut water? Haha.

Let me introduce the newly shelved coconut water, CocoLife! I must say that this tastes almost like the real coconut water maybe because it is from 100% real coconut water!

Having it packaged is so much more convenient and less bulky as compared to drinking from the actual coconut. During my pregnancy, I drank coconut water every day for 3 months and in the first week I bought actual coconut but it took up too much space in my fridge and I could only store a few at a go and I had to go to the supermarket to get more. It was very inconvenient and extremely troublesome! So a friend recommended I try coconut water which comes in packets and I’m so glad I did because I can stock up up to like 12 packets in my fridge at once hehe. Plus I could bring it out if I wanted to because the packaging is just so convenient! It's a bit inconvenient to bring an actual coconut right? Haha. 

CocoLife has their coconut water packaged into very portable and handy cartons even when now that I have elroy, I can just grab one from my fridge and throw it into my bag and I am ready for the day! I will never need to spend so much time trying to open the real nut itself anymore.

When I was pregnant I needed a lot of potassium, and coconut water was my main source of potassium I’m sure as I really drank so much of it! CocoLife has more potassium than 2 bananas! Not only is CocoLife nutrient rich and natural, it has no fat, no cholestrol, no artificial flavours.

Especially after giving birth to Elroy, I was quite focused in losing the pregnancy weight that I gained! Breastfeeding and diet is not enough, I had to exercise as well! In the past, I used to drink isotonic drinks after my workouts and I decided to switch to coconut water because it too helps replenish the water and natural salt that I lose in the process. Moreover, it is so much less sugary which is good! For all the health junkies out there, CocoLife is also a HPB certified Healthier Choice Product!

Whenever i need a drink to cool me down on hot days, I also drink coconut water to keep myself cool and also hydrate myself. CocoLife is extremely refreshing and yummy especially when it is chilled! It is a good alternative for a wake-me-up to coffee! I believe I do not need to elaborate more on the hydrating functions of coconut water as I think everyone knows and have experienced it before!

For preggy mothers or anyone craving for coconut water, do give this a shot. I hope that you will like it as much as I liked it. Get one to try yourself at major selected supermarkets, 7-11 and cheers!

For more information, check out their facebook page