Saturday, April 11, 2015

Feng Shui

I still believe in what I believe in but somehow ever since I got together with my current partner, I'm starting to get influenced by him slightly. I wouldn't say I have lost faith in my religion at all but I'm starting to open up to different beliefs and a little more willing to learn more about it. It's such a sensitive topic so I do not want to discuss about it too much and get into an argument with my boyfriend on our different faiths so I have to open up more. I guess it's an obstacle people will face when they have different beliefs and decide move on to the next level. Especially when you have a kid and have to discuss what religion he/she should follow. We have discussed and sorta decided to let our child decide on his own in the future however I think the tough part im facing is with our parents. How they want their grand child to believe in the same faith they grew up believing in and not think too much about the whole situation. Some times I really don't know how to say No without offending them when they pass me religious amulets and pendants. Or when they instruct my helper to bring it back home to place in my child's room without my knowledge. I choose to keep quiet despite feeling uneasy most of the time and have learnt to be more open minded and thankful for their thoughts of wanting to keep us "safe". Surely they only want to give us good things and not want to do harm to me. 

Honestly, I used to think Fortune Telling and Feng Shui was complete bullshit as I have never done a reading before I met my partner. Because he is such an enthusiast at such stuff, everything he does he will ask for advice from a master. I don't want to say "no" because he will not be happy and he will not feel comfortable at home if things are not placed at the "right place". When I first met the master, I honestly did not expect much. He asked for the date and time of my birth and I had to give it so he would be able to instruct us what color scheme we should use and what we should place at certain areas in the house to "bring good fortune" and "ward off evil". I always thought readings would be like horoscope readings, very vague and general stuff that will convince you it's really how you are like. However, I was shocked when he told me how I lived my life the past 23 years, at what age I dropped out of school, and many stuff not many would know about. I thought, hmm...maybe cus he Google search lah? But then not everything can be found online and it can't be all wild guesses? So that really shocked me and made me more curious and more open to accepting stuff like that. If he says doing this and that will make my life go even more smoothly, should I listen since he already knows what has happened in my life? Does he really know everything? I then got into it more and met another master on my own (both masters are very popular and it's very difficult to get a reading from them if you don't have an appointment, even if you want to make an appointment, it has to be made months before). He gave me even more inside information about how my future will be like and I must say, I must be very lucky as there's nothing I can't handle. However, there were some major decisions to be made and that's when I wonder, should I trust their words and go ahead with what they recommend I do or listen to myself. Somehow I wish I didn't see the second one and didn't get into this thing but could it be a blessing in disguise to receive such advices. I am thankful and relieved at the same time after meeting them, to be born at the right date, right time and given the right name because according to both of them, I am extremely fortunate. It was nice and comforting to hear but then...maybe they also say that to most of their clients so people feel good about themselves and would want to go back to them. Then again, I was not sold any amulet and was given a choice to make a contribution of any amount I wanted. There was no fixed rate or an invoice given after (for master 2, for the 1st master we were sorta billed as we made him do a lot of different stuff like gg to our house etc) So then if I went back for advices again, what would they gain right? I've heard stories of masters telling people something bad will happen to them and make them buy amulets to protect themselves but not the case for me. How true and accurate are the things they predicted and are we able to really change things? This whole thing confuses me. I just wanted to share some thoughts here even though I know I won't get any answer but if you would like to share your experiences with such readings, feel free to drop me an email (if u want a reply) or a comment...