Monday, April 20, 2015

Ad: Kloneworld

Instead of bring books everywhere, parents now choose to bring tablets/ipads out to keep our children entertained and occupied. However, is your child learning anything from it? Or is it just pure entertainment?

Kids get bored very easily and to keep them occupied, it is good to have a few apps in your tablet/ipad/phone.

Kloneworld is a Unique, Fun and Educational app for children of ages 0-5. I personally feel entertained hearing about the app so I think kids will love it! Elroy isn't old enough so I don't know if it will entertain him but I was definitely impressed with the app. Haha. The graphics are great and I can see a lot of effort was put into building this app for children.

Children like to play "IMAGINE" and if you have been around children, you'd know that their imagination can run REALLY WILD. 

Kloneworld puts your child in his/her imaginary world and that itself will retain their attention. After catching their attention, Kloneworld has stories and music that will help them learn a thing or 2! 0-5 years old is the age when kids learn the fastest and the most. They are also very playful and keeping them still to "study" won't be easy at all so I too believe that the best way is if they can Play and Learn at the same time!

It is very important to read to your kid starting from a young age so he/she will be able to speak properly and articulate well as they grow up, It sure is fun watching the stories come to life and I can't wait to see Elroy's reaction when he notices himself in the videos!

You can create your own stories or play the stories and songs that are readily available within the App. 

The concept of this app is similar to flash card learning, however the plus point is that this app is much more interactive for the child. This is definitely a learning app for Elroy that I will let him play often! 

Side note, the loading of music and stories take no more than 1 minute and you will be impressed just like how I was!

It's not just your child's face on the character, but if you look carefully, the face is 3D and changes expressions as well! Isn’t that cute?

So here’s how you can take a good picture for this app! Fit your child's face into the outline and snap away! It can be tough, as kids cannot stop moving so make sure you have a toy to make your child look into the camera! Also make sure u are at a bright place and there’s no shadow on your child's face! (oh and one thing is the app has the 6+1=7 thing which is annoying but I understand that it’s for parent’s own good, to avoid sharing private information about the child unknowingly or accidentally)

So here are some tips to take the best fit picture for it:

So what you waiting for? 
Go download the app and try it now!

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