Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Favourite Instant Noodles

I haven't done a post like this for awhile and well, this is gonna be a very unhealthy one. Haha.

I stayed away from Instant Noodles during my pregnancy as I wanted to eat healthier for my baby and after giving birth too, as I wanted to eat clean to lose weight. However, now that I have given birth and lost the excess weight, my unhealthy diet is back. I can't resist my favourite instant noodles! I know it isn't doing my hair loss issues any good though. :( 

Anyway, here is my list of my favourite instant noodles available in Singapore (although some are pretty hard to find and only available at specific supermarkets)! 

Realised I've never share with you all before hehe. 

1. Myojo Chicken Bee Hoon
This one is the "healthiest" choice among all as it's "Bee Hoon". The packaging also looks very plain and boring. Some more it's chicken flavor, I never liked chicken flavored noodles as I prefer spicy stuff. But when I was very young and at my friend's house, her maid cooked this and it smelt AMAZING. Since then, i always have this in my kitchen to have on days I want something more "plain". It's really not that plain though, you have to try it yourself! The other flavors kinda suck though. The Tom Yum one not nice one...which is weird because to me Tom Yum is always nicer than the rest.

2. Myojo Tom Yum 
If I had to choose a favourite instant noodle brand in Singapore, it'll be Myojo! I don't really like the Tom Yum instant noodles in Singapore after trying those from Thailand but if I had to choose one easily available in Singapore, I'd pick this.

3. Yum Yum Shrimp Tom Yum
Now this is my all time favourite tom yum instant noodles!!! Can't find it in Singapore besides the thai supermarket at Golden Mile. Usually buy it from Bangkok's Big C or 7-11s. Everyone loves "mama" brand tom yum instant noodles one but I feel that mama isn't that tasty!! Once you try this you'd not like "mama"! I feel la.

4. NongShim Mushroom Ramyun
This one is probably the most popular one and most people's favourite! I loooove the springy noodles! I only like the bowl and packet one as the noodles are the thick kind...the cup one kinda sucks.

5. Samyang Chicken Spicy Noodles aka Korean Fire Noodles
My favourite at the moment!!!! I first tried it late last year as my friend who knows I love spicy stuff bought it for me to test my tolerance for spice. Little did I expect it to be no big challenge at all!! I was HOOKED instead and couldn't stop since then. I admit it was spicy when I first tried it but after having it 2 more times, it became a shiok kinda spicy to me. Like Nong Shim, I only like the bowl and packet one because the noodles are the springy kind! This is served dry so the texture of the noodles are even nicer and chewier!

6. Indomie Mi Goreng
Best served with a fried egg on top! Oh and more fried onions. The black sauce is sweet and when mixed with the salty seasoning, it's perfect! Only wish the noodles were like the Korean Fire Noodles. Maybe one day I should sacrifice one packet of fire noodles and use the noodles for this. 

7. Cintan Mi Goreng Pedas
A spicy Mee Goreng which again, isn't easily found in Singapore. Not many people I know have tried this before and I wish more people could Cus it's good man. In fact, I don't know where this is from! Indo or Malaysia? Anyway, this one smells AMAZING and has a very unique taste compared to most mi Goreng I've tried. I only see it in Mustafa in Singapore but if you know where else has it, let me know!

I do have more but I think I'll stop here already hehe. That is my Top 7 Instant Noodles list and I hope I introduced you something nice to try! I think my list is quite unique and different lah. 

What's your favourite instant noodles??? I have tried almost every instant noodle commonly found in Singapore but i'd like to know which is the most popular one! Oh, and if you have any "rare" brands, feel free to share it with me. I am looking high and low for a good Ma La instant noodles! Want it to curb my midnight Ma La cravings...on nights nobody is free to go have Haidilao with me. Haha.