Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Elroy 6 Months

Here's an update on Elroy at 6 months old! 

His 2 bottom teeth are now out and omg SO CUTE! He seems to not want to let anyone see it but because he laughs so easily, we can all see his little white teeth. Hehe. Oh, recently his giggles like silent mode one! Damn weird? Haha. Please LOL again baby E!!! Mummy misses your loud laughter!

At 6 months old, Elroy has been drinking lesser and lesser milk. He can only finish approx. 150ml x3 times a day now. Nothing like he used to be a month back! He used to drink like 150ml every 3 hours . We were instructed to start feeding him solids last month and this month we were told to feed him pork/chicken porridge every morning. He doesn't seem to like it, prefers cereal + milk. We feed him once in the morning and once at night because he drinks so little milk now. It could be that he doesn't like the new formula as now that he is 6 months old, I have to change to Stage 2. He is now drinking NAN instead of Similac. Many mummies I know feed NAN so I decided to switch brand. 

He loves trying to walk! We would hold his arms and let him "walk" around and when we make him sit, he would cry Cus he is just so active he has to stand on his feet all the time but because he still can't do it on his own, we have to keep holding him. At this rate i think my helper and I are going to suffer from back problems cus we have to hunch to hold him. Haha. 

By the way, he can sit up more stable on his own and play with his toys while seated without pillows around him already! Yay new milestone achieved.  We have a walker in the other house and the week I was away and when he was staying there with the other family, my helper told me he walked around the house so much! Hehe. Wish I could put it in my place but unfortunately, my house is way too tiny. 

Now that he is going to be 7 months old, I'm looking forward to seeing him crawl! I think most babies start crawling at 7-9 months right?

Here's a video of him wanting to take my ribena away. He wants everything i eat/drink! TAM CHIAK BABY! Haha.