Tuesday, April 14, 2015

On Traveling without Baby

I've went on a few trips without Baby E in the past few months. Most of the trips I go for, besides the Perth trip, was with my partner. Sometimes leisure, for work or praying in the temple (him). I don't even go on every trip with him and when he is away, I do miss him like every normal partner will. When I do travel with him, it's also a good time for us to bond and strengthen our relationship which is very important! Make up for the time he's gone. Imagine if I don't go on those trips with him, it's very very little time spent with him and that'll become a problem in the relationship which I do not want. I've ALWAYS asked if I could bring E along however his family does not want me to as they want a chance to look after him. They rarely get a chance to when I'm in Singapore as I rather live in my own place than to bring him over to their place. I feel safe leaving him there as I know he will be well taken care of as everyone in the house loves him so much. If letting them look after him makes them happy, why not right? Even my own mother fights to get a day to look after him. If say our families aren't even interested in looking after him, I'd definitely be more than glad to bring him along with me so I need not have to go through the "missing him when I'm away" part. I would say Baby E & I are very lucky everyone just fights to look after him. There's so many reasons behind it people don't know and to be judged as a bad person like that is sad. Everybody's life is different and just because I'm not like you doesn't mean everything I do is wrong. I want to work, I want to earn and save as much money for my future, for baby E's future. If I have to travel for work (you don't even know which trip is leisure or for work cus even if I have business meetings overseas I'm not going to share it online) and explore to learn at the same time, I will because it's good for me, good for Baby E's future. I'm not married so my partner's money is not my money. I don't know if I'll ever be. Right now he may be supporting us but should things fuck up, I don't want to crash and fall and have nothing at all. If I choose to be dependent on him, be a home maker and not think for the future, I'll be so lost if he suddenly decides to not look after Baby E & I. He doesn't have to if he doesn't want to, it is his choice. Who will know if he changes? If I'm married ok la, different story...but I am not. And neither do I want to force it to happen just so I can be "safe". If it happens, it happens.

To have to give my side of the story is a must so people can stop spreading untrue stuff about how I only want to have fun and not give a f about my baby. It's hurtful because he is the most precious person to me and I love him so so much. And really, im not telling the world one everything I do, like for example all my future biz plans. I only mentioned helping my mom with the new interior design company but the rest I don't wish to share online, and never will. You can't see the full picture by just looking at the things I choose to display on social media.