Friday, April 10, 2015

Short Update

Back from my short trip and am sick because i did not pack enough clothes for my 3 days in Tokyo.

I didn't expect the weather to be SO COLD. Before i left, i saw that it's like around 16 degree which should be ok for me but when i reached and it was 3 degree i was speechless!!! What made it worse was that it just kept raining until the final day. Good thing was that at least i managed to see cherry blossoms on the last day and got some pretty pictures of it!

Looking forward to sharing the pictures with you guys!

Now that i'm back in Singapore, the real work starts on the new industry i'll be stepping into. I'll be going into the Interior Design and Carpentry industry which is something my mother has decades of experience in so i'm looking forward to learning from her. I am kinda excited! Especially to start on the crash course for Interior Design. Definitely gonna be an exciting journey ahead! If you are interested to renovate your home, feel free to contact me via email or check out the Facebook page on the new company, Imagine by SK66. A little bit on the company, my mother has been working for my grandpa in SK for a very very long time and only recently, because i wanted a change of environment, i decided to approach my mother to come out to do it on her own. Also because of some family issues, my grandparents rather my mom go out and do it on her own as they are old and don't really want to continue the business. As most of us know, older people have different mindsets and are more "traditional", they don't believe in a lot of stuff we believe in. My mother on the other hand is pretty "modern" so it's not easy working in a company when things can't be done the way you want it to be and it's difficult to grow the company that way if both parties don't see eye to eye too. So i'm hoping this will be a place she can propose more fresh ideas to clients! :) Also, maybe after everything is up and running, i can finally focus on a new career path and not blog for a living anymore. It's so stressful staying in this industry and with all that happened, i don't feel as happy blogging and being so active on social media anymore. Somehow i just hope for more peace in my life and not be so affected by drama that will never end in the blogging industry.