Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Clan

I am super happy to blog about this restaurant i had dinner at yesterday. This is not a paid post! I have found a new favourite restaurant and i'm sooo going back there again! 

Ok so, i've been looking for DOZO and wondering why they closed down their Valley Point restaurant and never returned despite the great review on the restaurant. Someone left me a comment letting me know about The Clan and recommended i try that so i told my friends who were DOZO fans to go check it out. Then after i took a picture at the place, another friend WA me and told me that The Clan was opened by the Head Chef of Dozo! Which then, everything made sense because the menu was kinda familiar and so was the food quality.

Probably one of the most pocket friendly 6-course French-Japanese dinner you can find in Singapore.  Around $70/person for a 6-course meal. I have been to many restaurants which cost more than double the price however the experience can't beat the experience at The Clan. Food tastes AMAZING. I thought their service was good as well. BIG THUMBS UP!!! Thank you those who recommended me The Clan when i complaint about DOZO. I really had a wonderful experience!

Some food pictures!

 Complimentary Starters

 King Crab w Salad

 Beef Carpaccio

 Cold Cuts

 Foie Gras

 Pork Belly

 Duck Confit 

Lamb Shank

My Recommendations from the Menu

Cold Dish
Alaskan King Crab w Salad
Oyster in 3 Ways 

Side Dish
Pork Belly
Foie Gras


Main Course
Beef Short Ribs
Duck Confit

Creme Bruless
Chocolate Lava

You must check out The Clan especially if you are looking to go for a nice dinner with your partner.

The Clan
20 Bukit Pasoh Road, 089834
6222 2084