Friday, May 22, 2015

Congrats GC!

I finally got my answer! And for those who wonder why Gushcloud didn't really stand up for themselves and did anything like file a lawsuit, because in the past few months they were busy with more important things.

I never really knew what was planned but they told me not to worry so much and since my closest friend was part of the team, I decided to trust that they were really planning something good for us.  Many people have changed their impression on Gushcloud and now have a terrible view on the company but should a leading digital marketing group be keen on acquiring Gushcloud even with the blogpost by XX out there...hmm...weird right? And if you are wondering if they know about it....yes, i too asked and yes YDM knew what was going on. Still, the deal went on. Which means GC can't be that bad??? Come on, the company YDM is a billion dollar company, made out of many many smart people, the people inside know what to look out for and if GC is as horrible because of a picture someone painted, they'd know better not to put their money into the company with absolutely no potential.

Everyone was hoping for the fall of GC but hey, they will grow instead with the help of its sister companies and the guidance from one of the best.  Yay to that! And yay to all the people inside!

So yes, why no lawsuit? Because this was happening and it wasn't advisable to fight the case. It's no wonder why the people inside had such unwavering faith in the company despite all that was happening on social media. Even i was puzzled why nobody inside wanted to stand up for the company?! Like seriously, it was so puzzling i too had SO MUCH doubts i was close to leaving too cus nobody wanted to tell me what was in the plan...and hey, if i left it'll be made a big deal and that might just up my followers too? :X I guess it was a good thing i started being too busy with my new job i kinda forgot to kick a big fuss out of it and focused on my new job. Haha.

So the news released today...

Gushcloud group has been acquired by Korea’s leading digital marketing groupYello Digital Marketing (‘YDM’) that is the marketing arm of Korea’s billion dollar mobile media company Yello Mobile (‘YM’).  

What is YM and YDM?

Most of you have probably never heard of these names 'Yello Mobile’ and 'Yello Digital Marketing.’ It’s understandable because up till 2015, they’ve been big mainly within Korea. Our Korean friends tell us that 1 out of 2 Koreans use a YM app and YDM has the top 10 digital agencies in Korea within their family, including the lead digital creative agencies for Samsung and more. One of their apps even has more active users on it than there are on Facebook in Korea. Powerful, right?

Congratulations Gushcloud and Yello Digital Marketing!

It's going to be pretty exciting for all the influencers inside and hopefully we'll be able to work with some stars in Korea (*squeals).

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