Saturday, May 16, 2015

Getting Priorities Right

After being a mother, I am no longer active in the nightlife and because of that, I haven't seen a lot of friends. I've said it before, I used to party a lot not so I can meet guys and do shit but it's usually to spend time with my friends because in the day time most of us have to work. I don't know why but most of my friends just happen to be party people and it's kinda difficult to meet them on weekend afternoons Cus they'd be nursing a hangover.

However now that I no longer go out at night, most of my days are spent with my family since the birth of E and I haven't seen many friends for a long time. I do miss so many people and I miss the days I can go out without having anything to care about back at home. I do feel bad, like I'm neglecting everyone. And so many times I do feel left out as there are so many things nobody shares with me anymore. Some days I think about it and I honestly feel quite guilty for living in my own "world" and neglecting most people. But then it's a new life, with a new baby, and a new job...there's nothing I'm doing which is "wrong" so there's no need to feel guilty right? I guess we all have to grow up someday and many friendships can't stay the same anymore, even if we wished for it too, work and family commitments just won't allow it to stay the same. It's something so difficult to explain to people who don't have children. Now that work has sorta started, the free time I have off work, for myself is spent with baby E which leaves me even lesser time to meet up with friends. I guess I'll have to get used to this "outcasted" and "lonely" feeling I feel.