Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Elroy 8 Months

Here with a short update and some pictures of Baby E. 

At his 8 months old appointment at the clinic, he is weighing 10.3kg now. Many think he is too heavy but doctor said he is at a very good weight according to her chart so nothing to worry about! :) He is pretty tall for now so i'm hoping he will grow up to be tall! Hehe.

Baby Elroy LOVES FOOD. He wants to eat everything! Guess he got that from his mommy. Haha. He is getting a little bit picky though! He won't finish his food unless it's really REALLY yummy. Sometimes I assume he is full that's why but when we show him his crackers he gets really excited. He would rather eat his crackers than finish the bland food we cook for him. So now we have to add a lil but of salt to his porridge so it'll be tastier .

He can crawl too! Still slow but getting there! He is also trying to stand on his own already so we recently lowered his crib. It's super tiring because he CANNOT STOP MOVING. He is seriously one of the most active baby I've ever seen and I've seen quite a lot of babies ever since I became a mother. I can't imagine how tiring it'll be when he starts to walk because it's super tiring holding onto him now Cus he struggles a lot and wants to touch and hold everything he sees. Haha.

But I'm a proud mama because baby is growing so well! He can't talk yet but he blabbers A LOT. Oh and he tries to sing too?! It is super cute!!! When my helper or myself sings a song, he would "sing along". Haha. I will try to capture that on video one day. 

Oh but recently he is EXTREMELY CLINGY.  He just cannot be left alone. Not even for like a few seconds. Even if he is in his crib playing and concentrating on his toys and not really interacting with me or the helper, the moment we leave his room, he would scream and cry. And it's getting really unbearably loud now! And he seems to start to feel scared of things now. He used to be super fearless, even loud lion dance drums can't scare him but now he would start crying. We bought a spinning ball toy which would make noises and when we let him play with it for the first time, he screamed when the ball moved and made noises! I don't think it looks scary at all leh...but he was sooooo scared of it we had to hide it. But yesterday i took it out and he touched it and seemed ok with it though...haha weird.

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