Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Ju Shin Jung

Went for Korean BBQ with Chevonne and Lionel at Ju Shin Jung Guillemard Road branch. I've been to the Katong one before and thought it was not bad!

I've always passed by this one at Guilemmard whenever I went to and it was always pretty empty but since it was also Ju Shin Jung I decided to give it a try since I was craving KBBQ. Moreover I had baby E with me that day and most of the Korean BBQ restaurants I usually go to (besides Chang BBQ at Dempsey) is rather small and very packed. Not very baby friendly at all.

Who is dis pwetty zeh zeh??

Haha lio and his minions obsession.

I was happy to find out they have an eat all the meat you can for around $40/pax with a soup each. Quite okay price. Well I actually know of a few good Korean BBQ buffets which are much cheaper but usually very packed so I dont really go often. Plus I prefer better quality meat so I rarely go for Korean BBQ buffets. 

When I had Ju Shin Jung previously, I didn't have the buffet and had better meat. The marinated chicken and pork they offered for the eat all you can was not too bad. However the beef was SO DISAPPOINTING. I would definitely choose the ala carte option if I only ate beef.

Gimme some of dat!

 Mmmm that looks good

It's super children friendly though! Very spacious place and there's even a play area for kids! Baby E was a little cranky and screamed quite a bit towards the end cus he wanted to go home as it was his sleep time but thank goodness the place was big and I don't think his screaming was THAT deafening and distracting to other customers. Phew! Haha. Also, because Ju Shin Jung was a pretty big and spacious restuarant we didn't end up walking out smelling like BBQ. So yay to that!

I would recommend it for dinner in big groups as they have quite a few private rooms available. And yes, if you are dining with a baby or children, this would be a good Korean BBQ place to go to compared to most places! However, i am not a huge fan as I feel there's better KBBQ restaurants in Singapore. But I think I would still go back though because not many KBBQ restaurants are as baby friendly and have so many private rooms. Afterall, the food isn't bad, it's so-so but not WOW.

Ju Shin Jung
102 Guillemard Road #01-01 Singapore 399719
Tel: 6440 7707 

Weekday Lunch: 11:30pm to 2.30pm (Last Order at 2pm)
Weekday Dinner: 6pm to 11pm (Last Order at 10pm)
Sat, Sun&P.H: 11:30am ~ 11pm (lastorder at10pm)

Check out their other outlets here.

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