Friday, May 8, 2015

Fresh Oysters at Wharf

I remember i used to HATE oysters when i was younger. I'm the kind who says i love "orh lua" (fried oyster omelette) but don't eat the oysters in it. It has this weird smell and hum. Haha.

But anyway, after i tried REALLY fresh oysters, i learnt to LOVE IT. I still think it's something not EVERYONE would like but if you like it, this is a place in Singapore to check out for yummy fresh oysters!

I went to Oyster Bar and Grill Wharf at Chijmes. They have 3 outlets in Singapore!

So i usually have fresh oysters at Buffets (The Line or Carousel) or Japanese restaurants. At buffets, it's much cheaper but it's really a gamble, sometimes you get fresh ones, sometimes you don't. At Japanese restaurants it was really really expensive so usually i limit myself to just 2 oysters. It was my first time trying oysters at an Oyster Bar and for $60 i can get a dozen.

We were served oysters from different countries and my favourite has to be the ones from Aussie. I wonder if i can go and order a dozen from only one particular country? I'll try that the next time. Hehe. The rest weren't bad la, all also yummy and super fresh but i just prefer the ones from Aussie better even though i don't really know why haha.

Still, it was definitely a pleasant experience and i sure satisfied my fresh oyster craving!

We also had the beef steak - it was so-so, nothing amazing, and a caesar salad which was pretty good - hard to go wrong with caesar salad, if it's bad then something must be wrong with the restaurant liao haha. Didn't order much as i was still kinda full from my tea break and we were there around 6ish but i would love to go back there for more oysters and maybe try more of their other dishes. :)

So yes, for Fresh Oysters in Singapore....check out Oyster Bar and Grill Wharf!

Oyster Bar and Grill Wharf at Robertson Quay
Address : 60 Robertson Quay #01-01 The Quayside Singapore 238252
TEL :+65-6235-2466

Oyster Bar and Grill Wharf at Clarke Quay
Address : 30 Victoria Street #01-19 CHIJMES Singapore 187996
TEL :+65-6332-6789

p.s majority of the food reviews on my blog aren't sponsored...i just like to share places i had a good dining experience at. :)