Sunday, May 10, 2015

Goodbye Pink Beetle

Saying Good Bye to you was hard. :(
It's definitely a privilege and joy getting to own this cute car in such the perfect shade of pink. Everyday I look at it and sometimes cannot believe it's really MINE. Hehe. I love how it always stands out in most car parks because of the bright pink and that's makes spotting it from afar so easy - I'm always forgetting the exact spot I park my car at haha.

When I was a little girl playing with Barbie, my Barbie had her own pink beetle and I always  told myself when I grow up, I would drive a real one! I was super motivated to pass my driving (after MANY attempts) because I really wanted to make that dream come true. And I really did! 

But mama needs a 4 door car & a bigger boot now. The new car is definitely a better drive, much faster and smoother. Well the beetle moves rly slowly if you don't know haha. I was totally fine with it though because I don't drive fast to be safe as I'm not that excellent as a driver. At least I'm safe la so that has kept me away from getting into accidents. The only accidents I get into is with...WALLS. Because I'd rather go nearer to a wall than hit another car mah.

Anyhow, I'm happy with the new 4 door car because putting baby into his baby seat will be no problem and the boot is big enough to fit his other stroller which was too big to fit into the beetle's boot. I also resisted spraying it pink this time round. However I still want a lil bit of pink because I have this undying love for pink it's going to be something subtle! Looking forward to sharing pictures once it's completed. :)