Monday, June 1, 2015

Beautify Me (May)

Introducing 5 of my favourite beauty products of the month!

(but in this post i'm including one product i was sponsored which i fell in love with, they didn't require me to do a blog post only IG postings so you can't find a blog post on my blog on it but since i love it so much, i decided to put it in here)

My 5 Favourite Beauty Products of the Month...

1. Paul Mitchel Platinum Blonde Hair Shampoo

No I do not have platinum blonde hair. So why am I using this?

This shampoo is PURPLE! So purple helps get rid of ugly brassy yellow color in my hair. I realised everytime I dye a color  I love, like ash brown...I'll end up with like super orangey color hair 2 weeks later. My hair stylist recommended I tone my hair with a purple shampoo so I won't have to live with a hair i don't like so I decided to hunt for this! If you have bleached blonde hair and don't have your hair turning orange/yellow so easily, this is the shampoo for you. Oh and it smells lovely! Something i like because i love smelling my own hair (weirdo alert).

Where to get it?

Price: SGD$28 approx.

2. Model Co Pinking of You Lipstick

In the previous post, I shared a pretty pink lippie and mentioned I've another fav right? This is the other fav pink lippie! 

It's a cute bubblegum baby pink. Very pigmented and color looks super cute! I feel happy just looking at it how cute the color is. I would recommend to use this "gradient style" as applying it all over can be a bit "too much", to me lah. And again, I feel that light pink lippies just aren't as long lasting as red colored lippies so yes, have to reapply everytime u finish eating/drink.

The problem with milky light pink lipsticks is that you can't hide chapped lips so this is only suitable if your lips are moisturized. There are days I can't use this because my lips tend to chap. Even Vaseline can't help it sometimes. This lipstick is pretty moisturizing though! Application is so easy as it's so pigmented. But like I said, can't hide already chapped lips.

Where to get it?

Price: SGD$20 approx.

3. Heroine Make Liquid Eyeliner

This one I did an ad for recently and IM A FAN!!! I used the one from √Čtude House for awhile which I thought was pretty good but this one I kinda like better because it's a little bit easier to get my stroke right. The brush is softer and the eyeliner glides on so smoothly and without much difficulty, i can get a nice very black and precise line. One of my new favourite eye liner now.

Where to get it?


Price: SGD$18 approx.

4. Skin Carboxy CO2 Skin Carboxy

CO2 masks are like super recommended everytime i do facial...but i don't know where to buy it in Singapore (if you know please share!) 

This brand i specially got from Amazon comes in a syringe and a separate sheet mask. So what you do is apply the gel all over your face (i like to put it in the fridge but I'm not sure if that'll make any difference, just like it cold haha).  It's very sticky and gooey....kinda gross and doesn't smell nice. Lol. But anyway, after applying a THICK layer (i try to finish the entire syringe), put on the sheet mask. You'll hear some sizzling sounds and a tingling feeling on your skin. It can be a little stinging but that kinda makes me feel like the product is penetrating deep into my 

It claims to...
-Produces CO2 and delivers O2 deep into skin through red blood cells
-Helps treat acne large pores dark patches and repair damaged skin
-Boosts elasticity and radiance of skin
-Provides nutrition to skin cells and  improves overall skin health
-Breaks down subcutaneous fat for a thinner face
-Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

Well for me, i do feel like my pores do get smaller after applying it and my skin looks more radiant. It feels really nice and soft after. I don't know if it really breaks down fats for a thinner face face size like same. Lol. 

I just recently purchased another brand of CO2 mask from a local seller and I'm not sure if it works as well so I'll try it first and reveal more info on it in Beautify Me June edition if it is as good!

Where to buy it?

Email: (local seller I've personally worked with before)

Price: SGD$60 approx for 5 masks

5. Crest Whitening Strips

I honestly did not expect this to work as well as professional whitening at dental clinics but I was a convert after using it for 10 consecutive days! I would suggest to use it for 20 days straight to see a big difference in the color of your teeth.

One sachet contains 2 strips, 1 for the upper and 1 for the lower teeth. You basically wrap it on your teeth and leave it on for about 30 minutes everyday before brushing your teeth. It's very much like how you apply your facial sheet masks, leave it on and then peel it off. After peeling it off, there'll be a bit of gel stuck, just brush your teeth normally with tooth paste after. I do this at night before I sleep for 10 consecutive nights and saw results! 

It's so much cheaper than getting it done professionally! There are some cons though...your teeth might feel a bit sensitive after using it for 10 days. But it's really like professional whitening...Cus you'll also feel the sensitive pain when you do that. The pain isn't anything unbearable and the results sure make it worth it for me. If it hurts a lot, switch to using a sensitive tooth paste to make the pain go away.

Try it to believe it! I would suggest to get 20 sachets since there'll be a discount for it. For me I will take a 1 week break after using it consecutively for 10 days to maintain white teeth.

Where to buy it?

Price: SGD$30 approx for 10 sachets


I will try to do Beautify Me posts on the 1st Day of a New Month!

What is Beautify Me?

Beautify Me will be a post I'll share products and treatments that I have tried and tested which worked for me. It will be a post sharing my latest favourite skin care products, make up, hair products and maybe aesthetic procedures...well basically anything which has helped me "look better" and "feel better".

I'll recommend 5 of my favourite products of the month (again, that is if I have enough)! Don't worry, most products would be bought using my own money in this post because I'm still quite a shopaholic and always on the hunt for good things! Of course I might also put in products I've been sponsored but since I already have an advertorial post on it, I'll try not to include it in this post unless I REEEEALLY do love it that much I can't help myself but to recommend it in Beautify Me again haha.


I hope you girls enjoy my Beautify Me posts and it'll be helpful for yall! 

Feel free to share what products you love that I should try too. :) 

See you girls next month! 

Stay Beautiful x

"There Are No Ugly Women, Only Lazy Ones."

P.S i'll add a column for my Beautify Me posts at the side so it'll be easy to find (on your right) :)