Thursday, June 11, 2015

Imagine by SK66 Interior Design

Yay! The new showroom is finally ready for visitors! Which means, ALL OF YOU are welcome to visit :)

It's been an exciting month learning about this new industry I'm stepping into and I'm loving what I'm doing so far. This also means i'll be making my exit from the blogosphere soon to focus on this new biz (and my family of course!) once it's running smoothly and also for personal reasons - want a more private life. When i told myself i wanted to switch to a new industry, i really meant a complete enjoy my posts while it lasts okie...haha.

All the carpentry seen in our showroom is done by us in our own factory.

If you are interested in renovating your home, you should come visit us at Imagine by SK66! We specialize in Carpentry as we have our own local factory to do it, we've (SK) done so many kitchen cabinets and walk in wardrobes I think we can call ourselves kitchen and closet specialists! We set up imagine by SK66 to do full home renovation (hacking, tiling, carpentry etc...) as previously in SK it was mostly carpentry work only.

Even though this company is new, my mother and our team of carpenters have many many years of experience in the industry. Quality has been something the carpenters and my mom focus on the most. So I won't say we have the cheapest price. We won't even agree to using "cheaper" materials and compromise on quality which is why we can offer you a warranty. With the many years of experience in SK, they know better to not use bad quality stuff. 

My mother has been working in my grandpa's company SK (which stands for Seng Kwong) for over a decade and watched him build up the company since 1966. She is super experienced in this industry and I'm very very happy she finally can do this on her own. Also to be able to learn so much from her myself. I think finally having her own company means she can execute plans she has to grow the company without having to go through approval from the head now that she is right on top. Which means she can grow it the way she wants to and hopefully I can help her with that. My mom is also probably one of the nicest woman I know of. Ya probably saying it because she's my own mother but really, when it comes to customer service she really aces it. And we hope to build a team who will provide great customer services. Something the previous company didn't really focus on and I think it's actually super important to do so. 

There's so much I can say to try to win you over but ultimately, it's your choice who you want to trust to design your home! But I do hope you'll drop by and check us out :) looking forward to serving you hehe.

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